Friday, June 3, 2011


I haven't forgotten about my goals - don't you fret! I've actually completed 7 more of them... Since it has been a while for some of them - I'll just list them here and what I did briefly. Then I'll be a little more diligent in regards to blogging them more.

5. Use my Clinical License (May 2, 2011) - As a behavior analyst, I am using my clinical license while doing assessments, writing treatment plans, etc. I am loving it so far!

9. Re-decorate one room in my house (May 20, 2011) - My husband and I finally made a proper guest bedroom - complete with a Queen size bed, dresser, night stand, bedding and curtains. I would definitely call it a success! It is no longer an empty room with "sports" themed curtains.

14. Decrease my debt - increase my savings (June 3, 2011) - We have paid off our credit card and have plenty to spare! This makes not only me happy, but Travis extremely happy! All that would make him happier is a coupon for free chips and queso from Chilis... Aah, the simple things in life.

15. Clean out my car- and keep it clean for a week (March 2011) - how about keeping it clean for a MONTH! Yeah, impressive right? I had my car detailed in March and it was beautiful for several weeks. Right now it's clean still but there is some dog hair - so it needs to be touched up. It's amazing that since I don't feel like I live in my car anymore... my car is much cleaner!

16. Host a dinner with some friends - cook the entire thing (March 2011) - Travis and I had some friends (Natalie and Taylor) over for dinner and games one night and I made the entire thing. I am having trouble recalling what I made exactly but I know it was mexican food and it was delicious! But really, what mexican food isn't! Mmm...

21. Take my parents out for a really nice dinner (February 2011) - We took my parents out to Teppanyaki for dinner in February. The shocker - my parents each tried their first piece of sushi... we had them try a bite of a Vegas roll... They weren't big fans, but they tried it and I figure that is progress so it should count for something! They really enjoyed dinner and my mom and I went to a concert that evening while the boys watched a movie.

27. Be able to look at my finances without feeling like I need to throw up (May 2011) - This has been a hard one. We changed our money strategy and since then, I don't freak out when we talk about finances. Travis actually talks to me about them more now than he did before, and I am virtually vomit free during those discussions. I think it's probably the fact that we have no outstanding debt... My car is almost paid off, and we are paying on student loans and a mortgage... but those things are good debt and the interest rates are low... I seriously feel SO much better about finances now.