Friday, January 10, 2014

30 weeks and counting...

I can't believe I am 30 weeks pregnant. It's insane!  Time has seriously been flying! I can't wait to meet this little guy!

Let me rephrase - I can wait to meet him. I don't want him to come any earlier than he needs to - but that may be sooner than i expected. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at the beginning of December. I've been working on controlling my blood sugar by watching my diet and exercising. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I was put on Metformin at night. No big deal - I used metformin when we were trying to get pregnant. I'm familiar with the ugly side effects but if it means the baby will be healthy - I'll do it.  At the beginning of my 30 week appointment this week, my numbers were reviewed and for some reason, my fasting number is always high. I can't get it into normal range no matter what I do. So, the doctor put me on a second dose of metformin in the mornings - and then very casually said, "we'll probably be putting you on insulin at your next appointment - but try to follow the diet and we will see what happens."  WHAT?!

My blood sugar won't go down, my blood pressure keeps going up - they are watching my bp really closely as it's flirting with high levels.Then the doctor said, "you know, with these problems you are at risk of having a stillborn. Let's have you start weekly non-stress tests. If you pass the test, it means you have less than a 1 in 10,000 chance of having a stillborn that week."  WHAT?!