Wednesday, February 9, 2011

# 22 - Take my in-laws our for a nice dinner

Travis and I spent a few days at the end of January in St. George with his parents. We went down for business more than pleasure. I have 4 clients down south and had some meetings to do down there. Travis and his business partner held a seminar for some of Travis's parent's friends and were able to conduct some business down there as well!

Well, we decided to take Travis's parents out for a nice dinner! Now, I know that a "Nice" dinner is relative... Travis's parents are on the Atkins diet and can only eat meat and veggies - his dad loves to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse up here called Tucanos - so we figured we would take them for their first experience at a Japanese Steakhouse - and took them to a place called Samurai 21 - it's just like Teppanyaki. Boy did they love it! It was perfect for their dietary restrictions - and in their eyes it qualifies as a "nice" dinner. I think it was a nice dinner. Travis's dad spent a good chunk of the dinner time harassing the little boy at the table with us with hair like Justin Bieber - boy does Bob think he's funny!

It was nice to be able to take them out for a nice dinner and to be able to spend time with them without other family members around. I'm really excited to do this with my parents next!

# 17 - Throw a Themed Party

Is Christmas a theme? I believe so! Travis and I put on Christmas dinner for both of our families in our home. It was such a hit - I was really surprised! It took a TON of work - but turned out amazingly well! Here is what our tables looked like... Yes, I made the treats in the baggies with the help of Travis' niece and nephew.

This is the table in the kitchen... My parents and Travis's parents sat there

This is the rest of our living room. We had 15 people at our house for dinner - I was surprised everyone fit - but they did and it seriously went so much better than I thought it would have!

Our first attempt at homemade stuffing - as well as Turkey!

Such a beautiful bird! Perfectly moist! Notice all of the crockpots? It was crockpot-a-palooza at our house on Christmas! But it was such a perfect way to make sure everything stayed warm! I think we may do this again next year... We will see! :)

#19 - Sign All of the Books I read

This goal was accomplished on December 26, 2010. You see, for Christmas I got a Barnes and Noble Nook I LOVE IT! It is going to help me reach my goal of 30 best sellers in no time! So, I finished reading my final paperback book - and have since moved on to e-books! I was worried I would miss the feel and smell of books - but I don't. After all, I teach college courses and read textbooks on a regular basis. The Nook is the best present I have gotten in a long time! It fits in my purse and I take it everywhere and can read whatever I want, whenever I want! It's such a fantastic little toy! I highly recommend it!