Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What To Do...

I have a bit of a dilemma.... My 10 year high school reunion is coming up rather quickly - like in June or something and I don't know if I want to go or not.

Granted there are people that I would like to catch up with - but really I blog stalk them or just check out their facebook pages - don't judge me - I know you do it too! But really, there are maybe a dozen or so people that I do that with. Everyone else??? I don't really care.

The thing is - I moved into that area the day before 7th grade started and didn't expect to be there for too long - we moved a lot and I figured it would be the same. Well, it was, except that we stayed in the same school district and I stayed at the same High School. I changed groups of friends several times and to be quite honest, haven't really kept in touch with anyone from High School.

Not only that - but I am an entirely different person now, as compared to High School. I just wasn't an extremely "good" person. I am not proud of some of the things I said or did in High School - and I don't want to be remembered by people for those things... I don't think I really found myself until I got to College and then I rediscovered myself when I served a mission, and even then have changed into a different person again after being home and in graduate school and married now... But people don't care - I've already had plenty of opportunities to recognize that - They don't care who I am now - they just care that I hurt their feelings or whatever in high school....

I don't think I want to go - is that so bad?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nearing the end...

Like many college students - I have been completely unable to focus since.... February 25th. That's a guess, but it's pretty accurate. Obviously part of the reason was because I was getting married mid-semester - but a good chunk was also because I am graduating! I can't wait!

I was surprisingly given an award this year! Who Knew?! I received a letter in the mail about a week after Travis and I got back from our Honeymoon and it said that I would be receiving the Belle S. Spafford Award for my dedication to improving the lives of women. Random right?! But I was so excited! It meant that Travis and I were able to attend a an awards banquet on Tuesday night. It was really nice! It was held in the new Goodwill building. Travis and I sat at a table with two of my teachers from last year, one of whom chose me to receive the award. We also sat with the woman who paid for my award - I got a wonderful plaque and a cash award - yay! :)

The evening was really nice. Travis and I chatted with everyone at our table, enjoyed the dinner, sat through the awards ceremony (short, sweet, and to the point - that's how I like it!) and after some pictures we went home. He kept telling me how proud of me he was... he's such a wonderful guy! My plaque sits in our bedroom until I have an office or somewhere else to put it. The most exciting part about this award is that I will now be on the Spafford Advisory Council which is made up of women in leadership roles from around the state. I am excited to make my debut at the Roundtable next week! Yay for awards!

And.... 2 weeks from today I graduate! I am so excited to finally get a Masters Degree.... Maybe I'll work towards a PhD - but we will see :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

For the first time I feel.... WICKED!

Travis and I decided to take a trip downtown to enter the lottery for Wicked tickets for the matinee today. Travis likes to be early, and boy were we. We put our names on the notecards and waited for them to draw names. There were probably about 150 ish people there and our chances weren't very good. At exactly 11 o'clock they told us the rules, they'll draw 10 cards and each person is allowed to buy up to 2 tickets at $25 a piece, and you had to pay cash and prove your identity! We waited anxiouslyas the first persons name was drawn and then the second, third, fourth and fifth. I didn't really think we would get any tickets so I kind of tuned out for a minute and then they called the sixth.... "Jennifer Dottie...Er... D-O-L-Y" I went to the front, "It's a T". I won!!! Woot woot! So I went in and got two tickets and came back outside and met up with Travis. Yay! I was super excited! We wandered around town for a while until it was time! :)

We got to Capitol Theatre early which was good because I needed to use the potty and it gave Travis time to look at the souvineers - thanks sweetie! :) We went down to our seats on Orcnestra Right Row C seats 115 and 117 and waited. I won't give away too much for those who have never experienced the awesome-ness that is WICKED! :) But we were both extremely impressed - we loved it and are excited to go back this Saturday evening! Yay! Oh how I love Wicked! I've listened to the music since it came out and have finally seen it!! I have some great images to put to the music now! I LOVED IT! I highly recommend seeing it if you can! :) I'm singing along in my mind as we speak....