Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Pink.... and it's Scented

Name that movie...

As most of you know, I'm graduating in August-ish. I'll have a Masters Degree and will be expected to do something amazing that will change the world and peoples lives. I can live with that pressure because it's still 6 months away. HOWEVER, today in one of my classes we had a lecture on writing a resume - what looks professional, what to say, what not to say, what color the paper should be, etc. Then, our teacher proceeded to discuss the fact that we should begin looking for jobs immediately because for every $10,000.00 you want to make per year, it will take a month to find one (if I want to make 40k a year, it'll take me 4 months to find a job). I started freaking out! My heart started to race, I started to sweat a little, the all-too familiar anxiety started to press against my chest and I got a headache and felt nauseated.... I realized I'm not ready for this! I'm not ready to make such a big decision about a career yet.

School has seemed never-ending to me. I always knew I would go back to school to further my education and that always how it would be. Right now I'm not so sure. Do I want to go back? Who knows! It will depend on what happens in my "family" life. There are so many things up in the air right now! Will we have kids right away - or will we be able to have them at all? What about a job? What if I can't find one? What if nobody wants to hire me? What if due to budget cuts there are no jobs? What if I'm stuck at my job forever? I love my job but I don't know if I want to do it forever - in a few months I'll be over qualified.... ugh.

Help?! How do I not think about this and reduce the ever-increasing level of anxiety I'm feeling?

Monday, January 26, 2009

All Things Wedding

I know you're going to be sick of all of the wedding planning stuff... and if you are - just wait until maybe... May and then it'll all be over :)

T and I met with the caterer last week and it was wonderful of course! When we talked on the phone I knew I would like her - she seemed so personable and fun, so I was really excited to meet with her. Apparently our wedding date is popular and she has had several calls from other people requesting our date - I asked her if we could meet with her first so we could hire her if we liked her. She was fine with that so off T and I went to Thanksgiving Point to meet with her. We underestimated our driving time and were there about half an hour early so we sat and chatted and watched people until she came. Boy is she a ball of energy! She was so nice and funny and I liked her immediately!

We talked to her about the location, the colors, the feel we were going for and then we talked about food. T and I decided we really like her (plus she offered to give me some cooking tips - and let's be honest I need all the help I can get and T knows it! He was smart to hire her just for that!) so we hired her! Yay! One more thing down! She sent us home with a box of treats to try so we could sample her food.... Oh man! T and I, along with my entire family, loved all of the tasty treats she gave us! If you're coming to the reception - the food will be delish!

We were scheduled for our Engagement pictures on Saturday but the weather was so yucky that we decided to postpone until this coming Saturday. Instead, we met with the girl who is doing our invitations (one of the nicest girls i've ever met! loved her!) and picked out everything the way we want it! Crazy! I'm so excited - T keeps assuring me that we're well ahead of the curve. All we have left is getting our pictures taking and a florist... Whew! Not much and we still have 47 days! Yay for our invites - I think they'll be cute!

I also had my dress fitting on Friday. I just needed two small alterations so it'll be done in two weeks! Yay! I'm so happy about that! I was worried we would be cutting it too close!

T and I have been talking about how lucky we are that things regarding the wedding are just falling into place so easily! Wow! We really are blessed to have things fall into place - with the rest of my life/schedule as crazy as it is, I don't know if I would have been able to survive otherwise! Plus, T is super involved and is so supportive and really helps keep me calm! Yet another reason I love him!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The One!

Well I did it on Saturday.... I bought a Wedding Dress... Ugh! It was probably one of the longest days of my life. I hate shopping for clothes when it means I have to try them on so this was no different. At least I had my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law with me to help pass the time and help me feel better about myself... Shayla really is a great sister! She is so supportive and knows just what I need to hear! I really value her opinion!

We went to two different stores and really were only dress shopping for 4 hours, which is about 3 1/2 hours too long for my taste. But what can you do right?! We went to the first store and I tried on 4 dresses there and didn't really like any of them (Sarah said one looked like a table cloth), so off we went to the next store. I was able to choose from hundreds of dresses which is a little overwhelming for me. I think the girl helping me could see that so she just started bringing me different types of dresses.

The first one, I didn't like, and neither did anyone in my family. The second one was alright - but it wasn't my favorite. The third one was better - but it was really puffy. The fourth one... Oh the fourth one. As I was putting it on I texted my little sister to get my camera ready because I was really going to like this one. I came out of the dressing room and had to step up onto this platform so everyone in the store could see me, Arrgh. Anyway, there was another family there next to my family that was watching their family member try on dresses as well, and when I stood up there my entire family, as well as theirs Ooh'd and Aah'd about it and about how perfect it looked! I hadn't even seen it yet - it just felt different putting it on. So, I turned around to see it in the mirror and I loved it immediately! It was beautiful and NOTHING that I would have chosen on my own. But I loved it and so did everyone else. Part of me didn't want to try on any more dresses, but I figured I'd try on one more that was pretty. I put it on and liked it just fine - but it wasn't the other dress. I told the girl helping me that I didn't want to try on any more because I loved the other one. She had me put it back on and we looked at veils, and headbands, and shoes, and other junk like that.

In the end I only bought the dress - and I'm so happy with it! The best part?! It was on sale! I got a $950.00 dress for $499.00 I love getting a deal! I have my alterations appointment on Friday evening and then I wait for it to be done! Whew! One more 'big' thing checked off the list! Today we meet with a caterer... It would be nice to check off another!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Decisions are the Worst"

If you can name the movie this blog title comes from - You win a prize!!!

I always apologize for not having blogged sooner because things have been busy... and really, things are busy - so I probably shouldn't apologize anymore - it is what it is, busy! The sad thing is that for the next 67 days or so (really, who is counting) my thoughts are completely consumed with wedding plans - so... my blog will likely be wedding focused... my apologize in advance!

Anyway, those of you who know me pretty well, know that I am decision making impaired! I have a hard time making decisions if I don't have a strong opinion about them. Where do you want to go for lunch? I dunno, wherever. What do you want to do today? I dunno, whatever. What movie should we go see? I dunno, whichever one you want. It's a curse I guess.... If I really had a strong opinion I would express it! Hence the reason we have a specific person performing our wedding.... ANYWAY! T hates that I can't make a decision, he hates it so much in fact, that he decided we would take turns. On odd days he would decide, and on even days I would decide. So, imagine how awesome it's going to be for me to make a million decisions regarding a wedding! Riight...

T and I went out on Saturday to look at locations for the wedding festivities! We took my mom and M.O.H Shay to look as well. We saw 3 places, and I immediately knew which one I wanted.... luckily T and I were on the same page (until we figured out the cost... most of our budget would be taken up by the location! Luckily T came to the rescue and worked something out) and today we reserved Sun River Gardens for the wedding/reception! Yay! Big decision # 1 down! A million more to go!

What's the one thing we couldn't agree on until this afternoon?! Colors!!! Yes, colors! You'd think it wouldn't be a bigt deal - but both of us have extremely different ideas as to what we want in a wedding/reception especially regarding colors.... My ideas, Pink/Orange, Tiffany Blue/Brown, Dark Purple/Turquoise... His idea, Burgandy/Black/White.... Do you see the difference? He's looking to be a little more traditional and classic, while I on the otherhand am looking to be a little more contemporary and spring-ish (not a word I know). No harm in that - except that we couldn't decide on a color scheme! I realize people don't have problems choosing colors... it's only a color afterall - but we just couldn't agree on it! Well, this afternoon we finally came to an agreement! I won't share the color scheme with you because it might jinx it - but it makes us both happy. It's traditional and classi while on the same hand more contemporary and spring-ish, plus it's very romantic! I'm REALLY excited about it! Yay for big decision # 2!!!

I think 2 major decisions in one day is enough for me!!!! :)