Monday, June 22, 2009

All Moved In!

Yay! It's about time right?! Travis and I made the big move on Saturday with the help of my entire family (even baby A carried a pillow or two) and Travis's Sister and nephew. It was a long grueling process - who knew we had so much stuff?! (And by stuff I mean, DVD's, Video Games, and Scrapbooking Paper!) In any case we are all moved in I think. We have some things here and there - we're waiting on a kitchen table - but otherwise we are moved in to our very OWN house! We love it! It is so wonderful to have our own space! I'll post pics of the house soon! :)

So thank you to everyone who helped us move - we appreciate it so much! And soon I'll be able to blog about things other than the new house! There are new and exciting changes coming our way (No - we are not pregnant) so we will keep you all posted!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Official!

Well, Travis and I are officially home owners! Yesterday morning we went to Surety Title and sat across the table from Michelle who told us what all the pages were and made sure we signed in blue ink and used our middle initials. It was such a great experience! Signing my life away (as well as all of the money I hope to make in the next 30 years) to have a house - Yay! I'm so excited!

I spent the rest of the day working like a maniac while Travis called and set up all of our utilities at the new house and cancelled the internet at the current house - the Direct TV will be cancelled just before we move! I have to be able to watch my shows ya know!?

Travis and I went to dinner last night to celebrate. We met at Teppanyaki down in Jordan Landing - YUM! Can I just say that I love the Geisha meal! I could eat there every day - but now that I have a house payment I won't be eating there as often I guess! After dinner we went home and watched So You Think You Can Dance and Deadliest Catch (Travis is such a good sport) before we finally went to bed. It was a nice relaxing night - and very exciting to know that we are no longer renters!

So this weekend we will get the keys!!! Over the next few days we will clean the house, get the carpets cleaned, locks rekeyed, and then start moving things in because the big move is on the 20th! I'm so excited for the big move! I can hardly stand it! We will finally have a place that is all our own!!! My family will come up and help and we have some friends that will help as well - we are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!

I'm sure we will spend that entire weekend trying to unpack and get things set up just the way we want them... I can't wait! I'm so excited!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Travis called me about half an hour ago and told me he had some good and bad news... Of course I wanted the bad news first - he told me the bad news was He was still at work (and boy is that bad news - I like spending as much time with him as possible so long work days aren't very fun). The good news? We were approved - our financing that is! Which means, we are officially buying a house! We close on June 10th! We are so excited! Nervous, Anxious, a little Scared maybe, but very Excited! So I guess we will be moving on the 20th.... anyone have a truck we can borrow? :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Turn to your partner....

So, this weekend Travis and I went to a financial seminar - Millionaire Mind Intensive to be exact. Let me just say that I was not very excited to go. Finances are a little overwhelming and boring to me and I wasn't looking forward to 3 long days of money talk! But, I loved the seminar. Yes, there was money talk - obviously - but not in the way I had thought. I had kind of imagined the seminar to be more like my insanely boring Personal Finance 1100 at UVSC... but it was definitely NOT that!

Without giving away too much - let me say that it forever changed my life! Travis and I learned so much about ourselves, each other, our relationship, etc. I did so much personal work it was amazing! I now have a new outlook on life not just regarding finances but regarding other things as well. It was seriously amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone! In fact, Travis and I are going to attend the fall seminar again.... if anyone is interested in attending with us - let me know! It is a little hokey, and a little salesy (is that even a word?) - but I promise you will learn some valuable things!

Turn to your partner, give them a high five and tell them "You, have a millionaire mind!"