Monday, June 22, 2009

All Moved In!

Yay! It's about time right?! Travis and I made the big move on Saturday with the help of my entire family (even baby A carried a pillow or two) and Travis's Sister and nephew. It was a long grueling process - who knew we had so much stuff?! (And by stuff I mean, DVD's, Video Games, and Scrapbooking Paper!) In any case we are all moved in I think. We have some things here and there - we're waiting on a kitchen table - but otherwise we are moved in to our very OWN house! We love it! It is so wonderful to have our own space! I'll post pics of the house soon! :)

So thank you to everyone who helped us move - we appreciate it so much! And soon I'll be able to blog about things other than the new house! There are new and exciting changes coming our way (No - we are not pregnant) so we will keep you all posted!

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