Monday, June 1, 2009

Turn to your partner....

So, this weekend Travis and I went to a financial seminar - Millionaire Mind Intensive to be exact. Let me just say that I was not very excited to go. Finances are a little overwhelming and boring to me and I wasn't looking forward to 3 long days of money talk! But, I loved the seminar. Yes, there was money talk - obviously - but not in the way I had thought. I had kind of imagined the seminar to be more like my insanely boring Personal Finance 1100 at UVSC... but it was definitely NOT that!

Without giving away too much - let me say that it forever changed my life! Travis and I learned so much about ourselves, each other, our relationship, etc. I did so much personal work it was amazing! I now have a new outlook on life not just regarding finances but regarding other things as well. It was seriously amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone! In fact, Travis and I are going to attend the fall seminar again.... if anyone is interested in attending with us - let me know! It is a little hokey, and a little salesy (is that even a word?) - but I promise you will learn some valuable things!

Turn to your partner, give them a high five and tell them "You, have a millionaire mind!"

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