Thursday, May 21, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

dance, dance, dance.... Oh man, I love this show - and the season premier is TONIGHT! Yes! I have waited for so long for this show to come back on TV.... LOVE IT! I Secretly wish I could dance like they do... so beautiful, so emotional... yes, I'm a cry baby when I watch it... The Walz that Twitch and Kherington did last season - cried like a baby! I'm excited for this season! Yay!

Also, Darn that FOX television station.... On Tuesday night I got home earlier than Travis (what's new) and decided to watch a little television until he got home and I found a new television show that I LOVED watching.... Glee. Yes, as cheesey as it seems - I loved Glee. It was hilarious! (Plus, I'm a sucker for singing and dancing - of course it's right up my alley) The clincher - it doesn't start until the fall! Darn you Fox - How dare you get me hooked to a television show I cannot even start watching for several months! I guess I'll enjoy SYTYCD until I can start to enjoy Glee! :) I am so excited about it!

On a not as happy note - I just need to vent for two seconds... I understand that some people want to see the best in everyone - but when a person has been downright rude, offensive, immature, and outright horrible - you don't have to like them or work with them or be around them... and if you choose to - I don't want to hear about it!!!


Stephanie said...

Yes to SYTYCD and to Glee. I fell in love with Glee from the beginning and I need me some Mia Michaels and screaming Mary.

Anonymous said...

Only weirdo's like Travis are not into SYTYCD! I wanted to watch Glee but didn't know if it would be any good. I will have to catch it the next time!