Saturday, May 9, 2009


"When the day of commencement commences..."

I finally did it - I graduated! It really seemed like this day would never come and really it didn't seem real until I was walking up the stairs to the stage in Kingsbury Hall where I would have my name read and would walk across the stage and pick up a diploma (or whatever the paper was inside the red diploma holder they gave me). It was crazy! Travis and I went to dinner with his parents, his sister and bro-in-law, and my mom and sister (my dad was sick), to Tsunami - the place we met :) *sigh* and then off to graduation!

Once I got to Kingsbury Hall, the graduates had to get pictures and junk and then wait around for 45 minutes to get lined up and walk into the building. So, to kill some time, a class mate and I had our own little graduation bingo... There were only 5 things to look for

1. Lei's (super ugly - but whatever)
2. A girl wearing her cap on the back of her head instead of the top (we found several)
3. Someone Tripping (sadly, we never saw this one!)
4. Hooker Shoes (saw plenty of those - hookers!)
5. Finding out someones sexuality is NOT what you thought it was (TOTALLY happened!)

It was pretty fun! We went into Kingsbury, listened to some wonderful and some not so wonderful speeches, and then graduated. It was about 2 hours but it was nice. Afterward we hurried home for some fruit pizza and to sleep.... boy was I tired! :)

In any case, I'm officially graduated... and done for school for a while! Whew! Yay for graduation - and yay for BINGO!

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Stephanie said...

Bingo sounds awesome! i promise not to wear hooker shoes when i graduate.