Saturday, October 25, 2008

An apology....

So, last night I was seriously humbled in a parking lot. You see, lately I've been complaining about everything really (see previous post) - and thinking life is annoying right now. Until last night anyway.

My little brother and I went to Papa Johns to pick up some dinner (I do LOVE their veggie pizza) and as we pulled into the parking lot just minutes before 6 p.m. I sent him in to get it while I waited in the car. I then saw a man leave his car that was parked at the end of the parking lot. He was in a mechanics outfit - you know the dark blue pants and shirt with the name sewn above a pocket and steel toe boots. He was carrying a green shirt and khaki pants with a matching hat. I watched him walk into the pizza place, and a short 5 minutes later saw him leaving the pizza place in a new outfit, and carrying a warming bag with someones pizza in it as he got to his car, put a Papa Johns sign on the top of his car and left.

Normally I wouldn't think anything of it - but I realized that he went right from one job, to a second job. I started thinking about what his life might be like. I saw a wedding band so I know he was married, did he have kids? Did his wife work? Did he have to have a second job to make ends meet or was he getting a head start on Christmas money. My mind spun with questions and scenarios that were really unlikely... but made me start to think.

I am so blessed! I am lucky to have a family that I love, that loves me and is really supportive of me and my decisions. I have good friends that I can talk to and spend time with and feel about myself. I have a good job with good benefits and decent pay - and I don't have to deliver pizza at night to make ends meet, or to get a head start on my Christmas shopping. So, to anyone who reads ths - I apologize for being so negative lately! I truly am blessed! I guess I just needed a reminder. Who knew it would come at a pizza place parking lot.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I was recently told by a friend that I don't keep up with my blog... and she's right. I'm trying more now - but my life isn't very interesting, so you end up listening to my rants and raves instead :)

I'm slightly frustrated by a few things.... I think I'll make a brief list and let it be.

1. Finding out that people you once respected are nothing but self-absorbed, shallow, and immature.

2. Work - I am having trouble being motivated to deal with all the crap I have to do....

3. School - For the same reason I'm frustrated with Work.

4. People who invite everyone and their dog to their bridal/baby showers. My good friend Melly invited 22 - what a great sensible number! Who honestly invites 70-90???

5. Balancing my checkbook - yes, I have a great financial planner and I'm saving money and paying down debt, it just means that I don't have as much money left to do whatever I want with. Who knows when I'll be able to buy another purse!

So, life isn't very interesting right now - but I guess it could be worse! At least I'm happy and healthy right?! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Walking Fool.... or Fool for Walking?

This weekend I embarked on a journey... walking a half-marathon. Yes, I know that most normal people actually run them - however, my group of walkers and I determined that our goal was to finish, not to make a good time! That being said... this was my adventure...

We arrived at the starting line an hour and a half early - it was a requirement, I would have rather had the extra sleep. So of course, my anxiety increased every moment we stood there. Finally we were asked to line up according to time. In the front were the people who run less than a 6 minute mile - apparently there are people who can?! On the other hand I was in the very back with my friends.

We started off strong and with all of the adrenaline pumping and the feeling of it being a race, I had to keep telling myself not to run! The first mile was the longest mile of my entire life! I tried to keep focused on walking in the middle of the road since it was the most level - but I can't walk a straight line for the life of me. Finally at mile two I was walking better - although kept psyching myself out. At mile three I had finally fond my groove and was walking along pretty quickly. Quick enough to feel like I was progressing better than mile 1 anyway. But then my feet started to hurt. I had put some padding stuff on my feet to keep me from getting blisters because my blister-free socks do not work as advertised. In any case, the padding had twisted and was giving me blisters - imagine that! At mile 4, I had to take off my shoes and socks to take off the padding. I noticed a small amount of blood on my socks but wasn't worried - and off I went. I was trucking along with my friends making good time but at mile 7 my feet started to burn!

[disclaimer - this could get graphic]

By mile 8 I couldn't walk a step further. Now, I was insanely disappointed because I can walk 13 miles! I can - I have walked them before so I was sure I would finish! I wanted to walk and I wanted to finish - but I couldn't make myself. 5 miles was too far for me to go to be able to finish. My feet were burning and liquid filled and I couldn't go on so I had to take the walk of shame to the sweeper van and end my half marathon. I had a nice ride and a nice chat with the driver but when I had some time alone in my car as I waited for my friends to finish, I had to cry... I was so ashamed and disappointed in myself. I wanted to finish and I know I can... It just wasn't going to happen that day!

My friends are amazing and they finished! I was so proud of them! I was worried about them so I kept driving up and down the route to make sure they hadn't been hit by a car, or eaten by a rattle snake (I'm not sure if there are rattle snakes there - but there probably are!), or severely dehydrated! The girls were amazing - and I cannot tell you how insanely jealous I was! Good for them!

My feet are attached still - which is about as good as it gets... my poor little toesies were blistered and bloody (I warned you - graphic) - and I can't walk at my regular speed even because they are so sore and still blistered...

I learned an important lesson I think - Just because you can walk 13 miles doesn't mean you should! Wait, that's not what I meant - Just because I didn't make it this time, doesn't mean I can't make it. I'm already planning on trying one in Arizona in January (any excuse for a vacation right?!) - it depends on the school schedule! So until then, I rest my poor feet until they are healed - and then I begin the torture again! Does anyone have a cure for blisters???

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AARP at 27???

Maybe it's just me, but I always thought AARP was for old people... So, imagine my surprise when I get the mail out of the mailbox last night and find an envelope addressed to me, from AARP. Hmm... I was curious so I opened it. At first I thought it was funny that they were offering me a membership at a discounted rate - and then I noticed a postcard I received about a Senior Financial Workshop - and then I got annoyed.

Really - I understand that people sell my information - I get that. But, if you're going to sell my information - or buy it ... please please please, get it right?! I'm 27!!!! I don't qualify for AARP or a Senior Financial Workshop - I'm still 38 years away from that - that's longer than I am old! How annoying is that?! VERY!!!

In any case, I was in need of some financial assistance - seeing as how I have lots of debt (who knew graduate school would be so expensive?), not much income, and the parents are trying to kick me out (not really, but it sounds more dramatic that way) - so I figured I needed some assistance. I met with a financial planner and decided to see how it was to work with him. The BEST decision of my life! Not only am I forced into being more disciplined, but I'm saving money... and making a serious dent in the debt! I'm SOOO glad I did this! If you need a financial advisor... let me know! I love mine!