Friday, August 27, 2010


How do I write what I'm feeling without coming across as a big jerk?! I don't know that it's even possible...

I'll just say this... every day it gets harder, sadder and more frustrating. Every day I get angrier, sadder, and more and more confused...

I have a newfound respect for those who are experiencing this as well... Know that I love you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bring on the Fall

I love the Fall... and usually, with that, I love the new school year (it's my second year teaching at UVU) and all that comes with it. I have several favorite things about fall! In no particular order:

1. School Shopping! I LOVE buying new notebooks, pens, highlighters, index cards, etc. I love trying to figure out how I'm going to organize everything for the semester... I LOVE it!

2. The Clothes! I LOVE wearing sweaters! My favorite outfit? T-shirt, Jeans, Flip-Flops, and a sweater... or sweatshirt... I'm not too picky about it! I seriously love it!

3. The Leaves! I LOVE watching the leaves change... They're beautiful! I love walking on crunchy leaves! I love not having trees so we don't have to rake - but I love watching everyone else rake their leaves, and seeing little kids play in them!

4. The Smells! I LOVE the smell of fall! I don't know what it is about the crisp chilly air - but I LOVE it! Bath and Body Works has a whole fall line of soaps and wallflowers... yum! My faves? Leaves and the Cinnamon Pumpkin or something. So warm and cozy smelling!

5. The Flavors! Pumpkin anything - and Carmel Apple Spice from Starbucks - enough said!

*** Yes, I am well aware it's not quite fall yet! But the crazy weather the past couple of days has made me REALLY excited for fall! ***

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

15 years vs 8 months

Well, I got the call from the job I interviewed for (yes, 3 times) - and they offered the job to someone else. They said it was a really difficult decision and that they took an extra day to decide because they were really torn. They told me that they loved interviewing me, thought I would make an excellent employee and would keep me in mind for other positions that become available. And with that, they took the man that had 15 years of substance abuse treatment... I guess that does trump my 8 months. It was a blow to the ego - This is the first time I've interviewed for a job and haven't been offered it... but, it was a good experience none the less, especially for my FIRST masters level interview. I'll keep on the hunt...

Monday, August 2, 2010

update on the job search...

Well, my interview went well last Tuesday. On Thursday afternoon they called and I couldn't answer - I'm a chicken I know. I have this horrible inner-conflict about a new job. I hate leaving jobs, etc. Anyway, I called them back and they wanted to clarify the salary with me (which was slightly more than I thought it would be), and then asked me for yet, another, interview. Yup, I'll be heading over this Wednesday for a 3rd interview... Wish me Luck!