Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

Yay for my little bro! His band took first place in the multi-region battle of the bands! Crazy right!? It's exciting though! I'm happy for him! My next assignment as Cobet Fanclub co-president and official band scrapbooker is to make t-shirts for State Battle of the Bands (March 15th at 7:00 p.m. at Highland High School - shameless plug I know)! It should be a good time! The funniest part - they won $125.00 as part of their first place schtuff - and what are they going to do with it??? Buy a mini-fridge for their practice room! I about died laughing! And how did they want to celebrate after their big win? By having frosties from Wendy's of course! Silly Silly boys!

In other news - my dad gets his alzheimers test results on Thursday - and I'm not really looking forward to that! No, not at all! I guess it will be good to just know either way - it's just more stress to throw into the mix!

Work is killing me - what is up with all of these audits? Seriously! I'm over it! Except some of my files are not in tip-top shape! It's one of those things where I've got all the important stuff but have forgotten one or two small things... Damn those small things! So i'll work this weekend to fix the small things. Because we've been given an extra scare at work - "The Feds can call at any time and ask for your files and you have to give it to them right away." If that doesn't put the fear of a payback in your heart - nothing will!

My social life is not so social! Really I mean, who has time for that crap anyway? Not me! I kind of feel a little withdrawn... Not that I don't want to be social - but I don't want to be social. I know that doesn't make sense. I want to be social - I just don't have the energy for it right now. It's all I can do to drag myself out of bed in time to get to work, school, practicum, church, etc. Although it's a bit easier on Sunday's because Church doesn't start until 11. Besides - the friend I got into an argument with - haven't seen her for over a month. And here's the thing - I invited her to my brothers show on Saturday night and she tells me she has to work late and can't go... Why the lies??? She got off work at 3... She was just watching her nephew - and I can totally see why she'd rather do that - it's cool - but seriously... why lie???? It annoys me!

Other than that and the crazy crap that's been happening at my house - I'm pretty sure after this semester I'm going to have an emotional breakdown! Seriously! Breakdown! And then I'll start summer semester classes! Gosh I need a vacation!

Friday, February 22, 2008

What a Week!

Oh man! What a week it has been! So much has happened! Where do I start?! Last Friday was an extremely eventful day in the life of my family! My little brother is the drummer in a band called Cobet (I have no idea what that even means) and they played in a city Battle of the Bands and rocked it hard core! They played a song they wrote - and then Black Dog. You can't go wrong with some Led Zepplin right?! Anyway - They took 1st place! I know right?! It was amazing! The crowd went wild - and they played a stellar encore entitled "640 North". Yes in tribute to our garage where they practice and where nasty phone calls and police visits are received! Good times!

Later that night my little sister Melissa opened her mission call! Kennewick Washington! Fabulous right?! Right! The funniest part - she saw the word Kennewick and thought she was going foreign - yeah, that's why you read the whole thing first! :) I'm so excited for her! I cried a little - but didn't cry a ton until I went to bed that night. I'm so proud of her! Seriously! She has grown into such a great gal (I can't say woman cause that sounds old)! She will be a great missionary - and I will be a great missionary's sister! I'll send letters - packages - pictures - and anything else I want. Afterall, having served in the 'Sister' ranks myself, I kind of have an idea of the things she will need/want etc. Congrats Moose!

Thirdly - it's midterm - kind of. Since I don't really have midterms I don't really know when it is - but I think it's now! In any case it's one of those times when you have to make decisions about your career - can we say anxiety?! So, I chose a domain - Health. Made a top 5 list for practicums - Intermountain Medical Center is my top choice. And met with my practicum supervisor and coordinator. Honestly, I don't think i've really grown that much in my practicum. I do what I have to do and that's about it. But my supervisor C just ranted and raved about how wonderful I am, and how skilled I am, and how much they really like me, and then offered me a job upon graduation. Crazy I know! Here's the clincher - I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe I'll never know! I guess that's not a bad thing.

My week ends today - although tomorrow my little bro and the band are going to participate in a multi-regional Battle of the Bands! If they are in the top four, they get to go to State. How great would that be? Gotta love it! Other than that - and the usual self work that I've been doing - nothing too crazy has happened. My life is pretty calm - for this next hour anyway! I think I may have stretched myself a bit thin this semester - I can handle it - it just isn't much fun! Who said school and work was fun anyway right?! :) Until next time....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ten Crazy Things....

So Melissa tagged me... Oh lucky me! The interesting thing is this... How do I narrow an extremely long list into 10 things? I dunno. We'll see how it goes.

1. I hate hair! Any and all kind of hair! I think it's gross. I hate when it falls out, I hate cleaning out my brush, I hate combing my hair... I just hate hair - it really grosses me out! I had a mission companion who knew this and tortured me with her hair... sick sick woman!

2. I have a weird knack for finding new candies. No, I do not troll the candy aisle looking for new chocolatey goodness - it just finds me! Some of the more recent finds.... New York Cheesecake Kisses, Trio Kisses, Cherry 3 Musketeers. None of them my absolute favorite - but still quite tasty!

3. I HATE FEET! This should actually be number ONE on my list - but it just didn't happen that way. I don't like touching them and I don't like mine being touched - other than the occasional pedicure! Feet make me want to barf!

4. When I shower I have to do things in a certain order - get wet, wash my face, wash my hair, shave, condition my hair, wash my body ... the end. If I do it out of order - I have to start over again! Can we say OCD?

5. I love flipflops! I have probably 15 pair - but only wear one or two of them! The bad thing is they aren't very foot phobia friendly - plus they don't exactly make your feet smell like roses! So - this year, I'm trying the croc flipflops!

6. I have a gift disorder - not like the Christmas Gift Disorder my sister Melissa has - a different type. I don't like waiting to see you open your gifts. I want you to open it right away! I don't want to wait! In fact - it almost physically pains me to wait! Just open the gift already!

7. I cry when I watch the LDS Church commercials - Family, isn't it about... time?! Yep, every single time - I cry! But I love them!

8. I secretly wish I was a backup singer on American Idol! Love that show! Love it Love it Love it! And as a young girl I wanted to be a backup singer for Barry Manilow - well, my sights have been set higher - American Idol - I'd be a great backup singer!

9. I love to sing in my car - and I'm really good too! Well, I'm really good in my car! I'm the person you laugh at during the morning commute who is totally into the song on the radio. Yes, you can hear me singing - and yes, I usually realize it - but obviously I don't care!

10. I don't have a poker face. If I'm annoyed - you can tell. If I'm happy - you can tell. If I have to pee - you can tell. Wait, maybe not that last one - but really - I have a hard time hiding my emotions! Shakira's hips don't lie - and my face doesn't! See why I don't gamble!!!

Well, now that you've had your fill of my crazyness.... it's time to tag - YOU! Melly, Les, Chels, and Lisa.... get on it ladies!