Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shaking things up a bit...

Things aren't really very exciting around my house - or in my life really. I have a nice daily routine that is tried and true... but I'm getting a little bored so I decided to shake it up!

I have been applying for jobs around town lately. I have a Masters Degree and figure that I might as well use it! I've applied for probably 6 jobs in the past three weeks - and have gotten 5 of those oh-so polite emails (yes they do it by email now) saying "Thank you for your interest, but we have hired someone who has more experience." At first it was frustrating - but I figure someone will want me eventually.

Well, last week I applied for a job (I won't say where because I don't want to jinx it) and got a phone interview last Monday. Then, they called me on Thursday and asked me to come in on Tuesday (yesterday) for an in-person interview. It was my first interview after graduate school - and my first interview in 6 years really - so I was terrified! I think it went well - but who knows. They said they would let me know by the end of the week.

I guess we will see if changes happen because of this. I applied for another job this afternoon - you know, just in case I don't get offered the other one, or I decide I really don't want to do it... I know you're chomping at the bit to hear if I am offered the job or not - don't worry - I'll let you know! If not, there's another one somewhere I'm sure!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hello... My name is Jennifer and I'm a blog hopper/stalker!

Yes, it's true! I could spend hours reading random peoples blogs! If it's about crafts, or food, or home improvements - I am all about it! How do I find them? Well, I read a friends blog, and if they mention something - I'll look it up, or follow the link to the next thing. If that one is interesting - I'll follow another link... It is a never ending cycle and I have found SO many fun things that I want to do/try/make...

And... it's a great way to avoid doing the stuff I really need to do!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Whew... It has been a busy few weeks for me! It is the end of the fiscal year for work - meaning there are a lot of crazy things going on with work, budgets, paperwork, etc. Plus, I am kind of applying for some new jobs... I am getting a little burned out and am looking for something more clinical. I have had several "thanks for applying but we are looking for someone with more experience" responses - but finally had one phone interview this week... so that's a good start I guess. How do I get more experience if nobody will hire me?! Oh well...

This week is my mother's side's family reunion in Lincoln City Oregon. They are spending the week at a beach house - and we aren't there. Because Travis hasn't earned any money yet with his new business, and we spent a good 12k on starting up the business, I didn't think we could afford to take off a week of work - pay for hotel stays on the way up - a week in a beach house - hotels on the way back - plus food and gas the entire time. It would have stressed me out so bad! I could have gone with my family but I didn't want to go without Travis. Instead we are here in the valley, working hard - and getting our sprinklers fixed... Aah the Joys of home ownership!

About two weeks ago I told my husband I needed a vacation because of my funk... I was getting burned out, feeling crabby and unmotivated, and really just didn't want to do much of anything! I don't think he thought I was serious until a few days later when I had already planned our vacation in December to the Dominican Republic. 8 days and 7 nights at an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana. The total being $2,000.00 for our trip - not including the passports we would need. Travis told me that he didn't think it was a good idea to put it on our credit card and that if we saved up the money for it, he would be fine spending it on the trip. Well, that blew the wind out of my sail really quick! Travis still hasn't gotten a paycheck, I just took a pay cut, and money is tighter than we are used to. Do I sacrifice my lifestyle for a vacation?! I couldn't decide. Luckily, my good friend Bethany and her husband Greg invited us to their cabin this past weekend... It was SO relaxing! We slept in, hung out, watched movies, chatted, spent some quiet time in nature - and were able to just relax and not have to think about work! It was SO nice! I still really want to go to the Dominican Republic, but we will have to put that off until next year since our Dryer pretty well dead - good thing the Labor Day sales aren't too far off! This weekend, Travis and I will go down and visit his parents in St. George (we will take the puppies with us this time). Travis' dad had knee replacement surgery about 2 1/2 weeks ago - and will have his other knee replaced in another 2 1/2 weeks - so we figure we will go down and visit with them this weekend.

I guess we are just replacing the one long week vacation - with two mini weekend vacations. In all reality, the weekend at the cabin was gloriously relaxing and was exactly what I needed. And it will be nice to see Travis's mom and dad over Pioneer Day weekend (or as Travis and his dad like to call it: Pie- and-Beer Day). Although I am very sad to be missing my family reunion! I love my family - I have some seriously hilarious relatives! Bev, Pam & Jon... oh man they kill me! Plus, I think Alicia and her baby Jett and her big 'ole pregnant belly are going to be there for a few days... I haven't seen her since 2006! Who knows when, or even if, we will have another one. Let's hope so!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funk... And not the good kind...

I'm in a funk... I'm not quite sure why, or really what's going on - but I'm in a funk and I can't seem to shake it. I'm stressed, frustrated, tired, frustrated... did I mention frustrated? Things that normally wouldn't bother me - are bugging me. I'm more irritable lately - and I have no idea why. And NO we aren't pregnant... believe me, I wish... but not for a while, if ever. Maybe i'm inside my head too much?! Maybe I need a vacation? Whatever it is - I just need something to kick the funk... and for some reason my Mt Dew just isn't doing it for me. Suggestions?