Sunday, April 21, 2013

Testing... Testing...

It's April... Almost the end of April... Time is seriously flying!

Since my last post, I have been extremely busy studying for the BCBA board exam. As we speak, I have just completed a 2-day guided review of the task list to help prepare. Travis has been supportive of course, making sure I study each evening for at least an hour - usually two, and on the weekends, for several hours. It's not fun, but what do you do.

I'm taking the exam on May 31st at 8 am.  The test is only available three times per year (January, May, and December), is open for the full month, and the results come out 45 days after the tests closes.  Yes, I am taking it the very last day possible. I figure, why not give myself some extra time to prepare, after all, the test is supposed to be one of the most difficult, with an average pass rate of about 50% in the past year and a half.  Obviously, I plan on being one of the ones that passes. Hence the reason I am studying as hard as possible!

Once the test is over, I plan to read a book for fun... scrapbook... paint the inside of my house... try a little kickboxing... buy a new purse... and of course, try the dreaded IVF process again. That's the plan anyway. We will see what happens. I wanted to try again away, but figured with the stress of the exam, adding extra hormones and extra stress probably wasn't the best idea.  Plus, I'm also looking into the possibility of doing Acupuncture while doing IVF.  There is research that says it improves your chances, and some that says it doesn't - but there is no research saying it worsens your chances so I figure... why not? 

Until then... I'll keep studying EO's, SD's, DRA's, and a bazillion other acronyms that will never escape these lips in a "normal" conversation. :)  Wish me luck!