Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finishing Goals

I turned 30 last week... more on that in a different post. But I wanted to make sure and update the progress of my 30 by 30 goals.

3. Go on a real vacation: We had decided to go on vacation this fall, but I changed jobs and don't have enough time off yet, to go on vacation. We are planning two for next year though. I can't say much about them quite yet, although I'm pretty sure one of them will be to NYC for our anniversary. So, I didn't slack and not even try - I just had to postpone the actual vacation until I have some more time.

6. Start a Family: I went to a doctor a couple of months ago - who gave me some direction that consisted of "Lose X amount of weight and I'll get you pregnant". That X amount is more than my next goal... 7. Lose a very specific but undisclosed amount of weight: So I changed the undisclosed amount - increased it actually - and haven't hit it yet. That's not to say I'm not working on it though - I go to WW each week, if only I could make myself track more often. New goal I guess.

10. Take more pictures: I would say the fact that I've actually had posts with pictures since then, shows that I really am taking more pictures! I guess I should scrapbook them now!

12. Learn to De-Stress: This has been really hard, but I realized a couple of months ago - that I need to let things go. I have never been a grudge holder - but I will stress about things I can't change as well as things that don't really effect me. If I came home on Saturday from my WW meetings and Travis had cleaned the kitchen - I started to stress that maybe he thought I was a bad wife because I didn't do it... Who needs that in their life?! Travis and I had a nice long talk about our "responsibilities" inside the home and he made me feel so much better! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who can help calm me down, and really takes most of the stress out of my life! He is amazing!

13. Do Something Physically Adventurous/Difficult: This one was hard... I had several ideas - one that involved a vacation that we won't be doing in November... However, I realize I did something... I hate exercising - I think it's awful. I get bored and would rather be doing, well, anything else! I also hate sweating - so the two just aren't that interesting to me. Travis and I did P90X... Well, for us, it was more like P60X - I ended up pulling a muscle in my sternum (who knew you could even do that - and I still don't know how I did it) and couldn't finish. We are about to start it up again... Why oh Why do I torture myself like this? It also requires waking up early, which is one of my least favorite things! Oh well - it's all for the good of the family (or future family).

20. Volunteer: This is the one I have failed with the most. I don't really volunteer for anything specific... I mean, I donate money to charities - I volunteer to watch my nephews and niece - but aside from that, I haven't "volunteered" for much of anything. Maybe I'll volunteer at bountiful baskets this week...

24. Blog More Often: I think I'm probably half finished with this. I have blogged more often - but not much. I need to keep working on this one.

28. Take another class or two: Or Five. I am registered to begin classes in Fall through the Florida Institute of Technology taking classes to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. It is five courses and a big nasty exam - I should be done in May 2013 as long as all goes well! Whew! I'm nervous!

30. Forgive those who have hurt me: I know I'm not the best person in the world, and that I've made some really stupid mistakes in the past, and hurt lots of people. But, I'm trying to be better. I'm trying to work harder at being a good person, and I think I'm slowly progressing. It's hard to forgive people, when they don't realize they have hurt you. In any case - this is a work in progress and I think I'm doing well so far. It's interesting though, how hurt feelings take so long to heal. There's one person that I still don't know how to forgive, but I think it's because I don't want to forgive... like I said, a work in progress.

So... I'm not a complete failure, and nor did I slack on anything really - I just need to work a little harder on some. Will I make a 31 before 31 list? No, probably not... And that's okay.