Friday, April 30, 2010

Look What you Did.... You Little Jerk!

Yeah, I'm a jerk! I feel absolutely horrible! My husband got a call this morning saying that the State of Utah doesn't want to let him practice financial advising/investing/planning or anything. He looked at me and said "This may be the end of my career." He had tears in his eyes although he didn't cry (unless he did while he was in the shower - or while I was in the shower) - I know he is frustrated and feels like a failure!

I feel bad because here I am complaining about how he's home and I can't get anything done - and my poor husband's career may have just come to an end. Boy did I have to eat some humble pie this morning - and even though I really like pie - this one didn't taste very good.

I'm sorry honey - I love you and I will be as supportive as possible - and I won't complain anymore! Promise!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, the end of March sucked as much as the beginning did. Travis was "let go" from his job on the 29th of March. I was kind of surprised - but not too surprised. It was a pretty darn strategic plan on his employers end. The company suspended he and his business partners for 30 days, and on day 27 they fired him. They told him they would fill out his U-5 when they got a chance, but they have 30 days to do so. I figure they'll take the whole time to do that - it gives the company 60 days where Travis can't contact his clients, and another month possibly before he could get a job after his license is re-posted.

Luckily, his U-5 was posted yesterday. He is still able to be in the financial advising field which is good for him. He loves it, and he is good at it. It's unfortunate that a lack of training and a full-on "witch hunt" cost him his job. But he is looking for a new job. When I say looking, I'm using the term loosely! He had a 4 hour long interview with a company a couple of weeks ago - and now that his U-5 has been posted, they should be able to make a decision. In the meantime, he waits.

I, on the other hand, work 2 jobs. I work all day, every day - and it never ends. School ends next week, but then I have to put in final grades and a week later - summer school starts again. I shouldn't be annoyed - but I am. Why put all your eggs in one basket? I would be sending out tons of resumes and making phone calls... not waiting on one possible job. Does it make me a bad wife that I'm frustrated and that my stress level has jumped from extremely high to impossibly high since the beginning of March? Yes, he is doing things around the house - cleaning the kitchen, laundry... not the bathrooms of course. But, I am having a hard time working at home because he is there. I love him, but I need my own space and some quiet (so i can rock out to my own music) while I work.

I am trying to be understanding, and respectful, and supportive - but it drives me nuts that he doesn't do things the way I would do them (in terms of finding a different job). Ugh, I feel like a horrible wife!

On the bright side - Spence left yesterday. He went to the Provo Utah Mission yesterday, where he will serve for 12 weeks and will be sent elsewhere afterward. He was SO happy to go! Of course he requested I make enchiladas for him on Sunday, and that we have Cheese Pizza on Tuesday night before he left. He is such a good kid! I'll miss him!