Friday, February 22, 2008

What a Week!

Oh man! What a week it has been! So much has happened! Where do I start?! Last Friday was an extremely eventful day in the life of my family! My little brother is the drummer in a band called Cobet (I have no idea what that even means) and they played in a city Battle of the Bands and rocked it hard core! They played a song they wrote - and then Black Dog. You can't go wrong with some Led Zepplin right?! Anyway - They took 1st place! I know right?! It was amazing! The crowd went wild - and they played a stellar encore entitled "640 North". Yes in tribute to our garage where they practice and where nasty phone calls and police visits are received! Good times!

Later that night my little sister Melissa opened her mission call! Kennewick Washington! Fabulous right?! Right! The funniest part - she saw the word Kennewick and thought she was going foreign - yeah, that's why you read the whole thing first! :) I'm so excited for her! I cried a little - but didn't cry a ton until I went to bed that night. I'm so proud of her! Seriously! She has grown into such a great gal (I can't say woman cause that sounds old)! She will be a great missionary - and I will be a great missionary's sister! I'll send letters - packages - pictures - and anything else I want. Afterall, having served in the 'Sister' ranks myself, I kind of have an idea of the things she will need/want etc. Congrats Moose!

Thirdly - it's midterm - kind of. Since I don't really have midterms I don't really know when it is - but I think it's now! In any case it's one of those times when you have to make decisions about your career - can we say anxiety?! So, I chose a domain - Health. Made a top 5 list for practicums - Intermountain Medical Center is my top choice. And met with my practicum supervisor and coordinator. Honestly, I don't think i've really grown that much in my practicum. I do what I have to do and that's about it. But my supervisor C just ranted and raved about how wonderful I am, and how skilled I am, and how much they really like me, and then offered me a job upon graduation. Crazy I know! Here's the clincher - I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe I'll never know! I guess that's not a bad thing.

My week ends today - although tomorrow my little bro and the band are going to participate in a multi-regional Battle of the Bands! If they are in the top four, they get to go to State. How great would that be? Gotta love it! Other than that - and the usual self work that I've been doing - nothing too crazy has happened. My life is pretty calm - for this next hour anyway! I think I may have stretched myself a bit thin this semester - I can handle it - it just isn't much fun! Who said school and work was fun anyway right?! :) Until next time....


Melanie said...

That is quite a week! Good luck in school... can you believe that you're almost half way done with it!

Heather said...

Congrats on the job offer. Thats pretty cool. One less thing to worry about, right? That is if you are going to take it. So are you still living in Salt Lake or are you at home with your parents? I wish you well on the rest of the semester!!!