Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I was recently told by a friend that I don't keep up with my blog... and she's right. I'm trying more now - but my life isn't very interesting, so you end up listening to my rants and raves instead :)

I'm slightly frustrated by a few things.... I think I'll make a brief list and let it be.

1. Finding out that people you once respected are nothing but self-absorbed, shallow, and immature.

2. Work - I am having trouble being motivated to deal with all the crap I have to do....

3. School - For the same reason I'm frustrated with Work.

4. People who invite everyone and their dog to their bridal/baby showers. My good friend Melly invited 22 - what a great sensible number! Who honestly invites 70-90???

5. Balancing my checkbook - yes, I have a great financial planner and I'm saving money and paying down debt, it just means that I don't have as much money left to do whatever I want with. Who knows when I'll be able to buy another purse!

So, life isn't very interesting right now - but I guess it could be worse! At least I'm happy and healthy right?! :)

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