Saturday, October 25, 2008

An apology....

So, last night I was seriously humbled in a parking lot. You see, lately I've been complaining about everything really (see previous post) - and thinking life is annoying right now. Until last night anyway.

My little brother and I went to Papa Johns to pick up some dinner (I do LOVE their veggie pizza) and as we pulled into the parking lot just minutes before 6 p.m. I sent him in to get it while I waited in the car. I then saw a man leave his car that was parked at the end of the parking lot. He was in a mechanics outfit - you know the dark blue pants and shirt with the name sewn above a pocket and steel toe boots. He was carrying a green shirt and khaki pants with a matching hat. I watched him walk into the pizza place, and a short 5 minutes later saw him leaving the pizza place in a new outfit, and carrying a warming bag with someones pizza in it as he got to his car, put a Papa Johns sign on the top of his car and left.

Normally I wouldn't think anything of it - but I realized that he went right from one job, to a second job. I started thinking about what his life might be like. I saw a wedding band so I know he was married, did he have kids? Did his wife work? Did he have to have a second job to make ends meet or was he getting a head start on Christmas money. My mind spun with questions and scenarios that were really unlikely... but made me start to think.

I am so blessed! I am lucky to have a family that I love, that loves me and is really supportive of me and my decisions. I have good friends that I can talk to and spend time with and feel about myself. I have a good job with good benefits and decent pay - and I don't have to deliver pizza at night to make ends meet, or to get a head start on my Christmas shopping. So, to anyone who reads ths - I apologize for being so negative lately! I truly am blessed! I guess I just needed a reminder. Who knew it would come at a pizza place parking lot.

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