Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I haven't blogged in what seems like an eternity and I have so much to say and don't necessarily know what to say or how to say it!

In any case - Halloween was great! Baby A was the cutest bear I've ever seen. Plus, Toodles (my dog) was a bumble bee! Oh man, and boy was he the cutest bumble bee ever! Baby A trick or treated at my office the day before Halloween and enjoyed himself. He loves getting candy! Trunk or Treat was so much fun too! My primary kids came and I'm pretty sure I gave each of them 3 cavities worth of candy! :) What can I say I love them!

On the 1st it was my parents 28th anniversary - Yay for them! I think I should probably throw them a party for their 30th anniversary.... or is that even a big one? They aren't really party people anyway!

Also on the 1st was my friend M's baby shower! She is so stinking cute! I was happy to be a part of the shower - hopefully she gets some use out of the pedi gift certificate - it was partly for her hubby J too... now he doesn't have to paint her toe nails! Besides, who wants to be naked from the waist down giving birth without cute toes?! :)

And - on the 1st I went on a date with T, a guy I've known for a couple of months. It was really chill and really fun! I had a good time and we hung out last night too... I think tomorrow we will probably spend some time together too. He is probably the nicest guy I've ever met! It's a nice change of pace that's for sure!

Otherwise, nothing much has happened... Oh, I did find a purse that I am in love with... her name is julianne! (I didn't name her - she came named) And she is totally out of my price range. My financial planner said that I could not buy her... Somebody has to keep a non-biased eye on my finances because I obviously think I should be able to buy her! She cost as much as a long vacation... I can't really justify that can I???

I will try and be better at blogging... it's always nicer when I actually have something to say!!!

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April and Rick said...

Hmmm... I am going to have to get to know more about this T character :)