Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gratitude Day #1

It is now one week until Thanksgiving and I figure now is an appropriate time to just mention a few things I am thankful for - every day until Thanksgiving.

1. I'm grateful for chapstick. As odd as it sounds, I can't live without chapstick! Of course I have my favorite kinds but almost any chapstick will do. I don't do well with chapped lips so I have lots of chapstick around. It's a necessity!

2. I'm grateful for amazing friends! I love spending time with the girls! Whether we go shopping, get our toes done, catch a movie, a bite to eat, or attend card class - it's always a great time! I have some of the greatest girl friends alive! I love them all!!!

3. Pellet Ice! Strange? Maybe - but I love pellet ice! Since I gave up soda last year, I haven't had much pellet ice until last week! Half of my family was sick and my mom got some pellet ice to help calm the flu inflicted masses! I was SO excited! I can tell you where pellet ice is found almost all around the valley! I love having pellet ice in my water! It makes me so happy!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

i love chapstick. i cannot live without it either! Neutrogena's chapstick rocks my world!