Monday, November 24, 2008

Gratitude Day #2

Right - So I had planned on doing this all week and we see how well I did. In my defense, I don't typically get online Friday through Sunday because I'm at home and have other things to do. However, that is no excuse for my lack of gratitude. I'll be posting 3 or 4 today - just to catch up. Sorry! And I can't promise I can finish this week out with the gratitudes... I'm leaving for St. George tomorrow! Sorry!

1. My Mom. I'm super thankful for my mom. She is so understanding, wise, and an awesome example. She doesn't read my blog (I doubt she knows I have one) so i can brag about her - She is one of the smartest people I know! I truly value her opinion and hope one day I can be like her! She encourages me to pursue my dreams. Keeps me grounded when I need it. And is supportive in everything I do. It means the world to me that she likes T so much!!!

2. Hector. Yes, my good 'ole car! Hector is a great companion! He is reliable and has a great sounding stereo - which is really important because I commute! I would DIE without my stereo. Hector keeps me warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and provides a nice way to get around town. He doesn't even mind when I leave things in the trunk that I really don't need (hence the stroller that has been in there for over a month - oops!)

3. MUSIC! Expect this to be on any and every blog where I talk about things I love, am thankful for, or would die without! I love music! It can help me define my mood, amplify my mood, change my mood. It helps me relax, and can put to words emotions and thoughts that I can't even begin to describe! My current playlist really can tell you a million things about me and my life at that moment! I love music!

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