Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 days and counting

Whew! What can I say about life right now other than the fact that I am in a blissful state - and have been for the past 12 days... (if stuff like this grosses you out - don't read... I'm sure it'll be mushy - that's for you Les) I briefly mentioned in my last blog about going on a date with T... I think this would be the time to elaborate seeing as how one date has become 12 amazing days!

T and I met through a friend in July for business purposes. I thought he was cute but figured I wasn't his type... I was meeting him to hire his services (no thinking dirty!) so obviously I was in need of help! We had a nice meeting and I decided that I wanted to work with him (there may have been alterior motives there) and we soon set up an "official" meeting. After a couple of months worth of work junk and hanging out with our friend, he finally started to text me. At first it was business texting and then it became friendly texting.

Now, I'm not the "hinting" type but I have to say that I was giving some serious hints that I wanted him to ask me out... of course I wasn't going to ask him out - I'm too shy! ;) So, eventually he asked me out - and I was really shocked but excited! Our first date was great - It was really relaxed and chill. We went to Starbucks (I highly recommend the hot chocolate) and then watched some DVD's at his house and had dinner. The entire time we talked about anything and everything but the fact that we were actually on a date... we're both pretty shy I guess! The next day we spent it texting one another and finally talking about the "date" and decided to go out again... Since then we have been spending as much time together as possible!

We have spent hours upon hours talking and getting to know each other better. He is an amazing guy! He is so polite, smart, funny (he even gets my odd humor), and respectful! In fact, he didn't kiss me for a few days, so finally after one DVD had been watched I couldn't wait any longer - the anxiety was killing me - He asked what we should do next and I told him he should pick out another DVD for us to watch - but that he should probably kiss me first. He was totally shocked but kissed me and I completely melted. It was soft and gentle... magical I'd have to say. *sigh*

I know it's been only 12 days and that's really quick for many people - that's quick for me! But, in our defense - we have known each other since July... and I can't say much more other than it just feels right! I haven't felt this way.... ever!


Stephanie said...

You are so brave! Yay for T. and yay for you. You deserve it.

April and Rick said...

Yay! I love that story. He sounds like a cute guy, and the best part is that he is treating you well. I love that blissful feeling of love, I still have it with my hubbby :). I am excited for ya!

April and Rick said...

Just to clarify... I don't mean to say LOVE.... more this blissful twiterpated feeling is what I meant

lesann said...

i like your "mush" lol! remember i am living vicariously through you so don't screw this up! just kidding... you are the best.