Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gratitude Day # 6

What would I do without...

1. Pedicures. I am thankful for pedicures. I think feet are gross - especially when they are gross feet! So, I love getting a pedicure. It feels so great to have my feet and legs massaged and to get my toes painted... I love having pretty toes. I think I'll go get one today :)

2. A Giant Purse. You all knew this one would come up! I have a sickness - I'm a purse-a-holic. No such thing?! The wallpaper on my computer and cell phone are both purses. I used to have well over 30, now I only have 5... but long for more! Ugh! They have to be big purses though - I have to put a lot of stuff in them - especially because I'm in school and working and live far away - there are lots of things I have to keep in my purse! Now I really need a new one!

3. My nephew! He is leaving for AZ tonight for several days and I haven't seen him in just over two weeks, so I had to make the ultimate sacrifice today and wake up freakishly early to see him before he skips town. I got to his house just after 6:30 this morning and got to wake him up, get him dressed for the day, and give him some breakfast. It was a nice morning and I enjoyed spending time with him - he is especially cuddly in the mornings! I love that little boy!

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