Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gratitude Day #7

I warned you... I wouldn't be able to post because I was going to be out of town! Here's my little pieces of gratitude from Turkey Day...

1. I'm thankful for families. Not just mine, but everyones. Even though I wasn't with my immediate family for Thanksgiving - I spent the better part of a week with T's family. He has a really great family! They are so opposite of mine - quiet, low key, nice... kidding of course! His family is really quiet and the week was spent relaxing and just being together. It was wonderful!

2. I'm thankful for my planner. (not my financial planner - although I'm thankful for him too - my calendar planner) I would be lost without it! How else would I know what I have to do during the day if I didn't have my wonderful little planner to tell me! It always gets so full and stresses me out looking at everything I have to do and haven't done - but really, it keeps me in check - and for that I'm grateful.

3. I'm thankful for blankets... I love blankets. They keep you warm, and when I was little I felt like it protected me somehow. The monsters couldn't get me if I was under the blankets. I just got a new blanket - it's warm and soft and makes me so very happy... I love blankets!

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