Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Sweet....

I'm pretty sure T will kick me if he sees this - but I had to write about it. We had our first "disagreement" Sunday night into Monday morning... really it was mostly Monday morning. And we weren't really disagreeing - my hypersensitive feelings were just hurt and one little thing turned into a horrible morning for me yesterday. Not only were my feelings hurt, but I was scolded at work and I had a final research paper due so I was not a happy camper yesterday! If you ask my coworkers - I was a mess! (there were many tears spilt all morning!)

Poor T, knowing that I was feeling bad - he wanted to talk about why my feelings were hurt and wanted to make things right so I ended up meeting with him and he jumped right in. He wanted to know exactly what I was thinking, and why I was hurt, and what he could do to make me feel better - It was quite amazing really! We talked for a while and I told him what I was feeling and he explained his reactions and by the end of our conversation - he apologized (I did too - it wasn't all his fault), kissed me and told me he loved me and it was all better! It's no wonder I am so in love with this boy - he's amazing and so sweet!

Another sweet thing... little Baby A. He is 2 today and not so little anymore! We had a little family party on Sunday where he opened presents, had cake and a bath! I just love this little guy - he makes me smile every time I see him... and I can't help but giggle when a toy scares him - it's a little funny! :) Happy B-day Baby A!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe the rocking horse scares him!! What a wimp, gotta love him though.