Monday, November 24, 2008

Gratitude Day #3

Three more things I'm grateful for!

1. Bobby Pins & Elastics. Random, yes. Important - Insanely so!!! My hair is at that length where it just does what it wants - it's not too long, not too short - but not exactly easy to control at times! Hence the bobby pins and elastics! My bangs are annoying right now, so they are bobby pinned back! And by 3 p.m. I'm sick of my hair and want to pull it all out - so I pull out a trusty elastic and pull it into a ponytail! Instant fix really! The woman who figured out she could pull her hair back into a ponytail - is my hero! (I realize men have had long hair and may have figured out the ponytail long ago - however, I refuse to admit a man may have in fact invented the ponytail - they should keep their hair short!)

2. Peds. I love peds! They saved me on the mission and continue to amaze me now! I can't stand wearing nylons! Ugh! They are hideous, uncomfortable, and hot!!! Luckily, on my mission I discovered Peds (little nylon footies) and was allowed to wear those on the mission! What a lifesaver! It seriously made my life easier - okay, it made my legs and feet less hot! Nobody wants to wear nylons in 100 degree weather! I love them now too because while I have soem cute shoes - they're not very cute with socks - and trouser socks are kind of similar to nylons only better... Peds are just wonderful! I have them in black, white, and tan... lucky me!

3. Email! I am a horrible letter writer! You'd think that having been on a mission I'd be a better letter writer - however, it's quite the opposite. I'm an emailing fool! I love having a little Sis on a mission - and I send her emails weekly! If we didn't have email, I would be stuck writing a letter each week and I just can't do that. I would forget!!!

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