Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AARP at 27???

Maybe it's just me, but I always thought AARP was for old people... So, imagine my surprise when I get the mail out of the mailbox last night and find an envelope addressed to me, from AARP. Hmm... I was curious so I opened it. At first I thought it was funny that they were offering me a membership at a discounted rate - and then I noticed a postcard I received about a Senior Financial Workshop - and then I got annoyed.

Really - I understand that people sell my information - I get that. But, if you're going to sell my information - or buy it ... please please please, get it right?! I'm 27!!!! I don't qualify for AARP or a Senior Financial Workshop - I'm still 38 years away from that - that's longer than I am old! How annoying is that?! VERY!!!

In any case, I was in need of some financial assistance - seeing as how I have lots of debt (who knew graduate school would be so expensive?), not much income, and the parents are trying to kick me out (not really, but it sounds more dramatic that way) - so I figured I needed some assistance. I met with a financial planner and decided to see how it was to work with him. The BEST decision of my life! Not only am I forced into being more disciplined, but I'm saving money... and making a serious dent in the debt! I'm SOOO glad I did this! If you need a financial advisor... let me know! I love mine!

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