Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things I Love

For some reason I've felt very... what's the word... sentimental maybe... I'm not sure why! But maybe I'm growing up a bit - heaven forbid right?! In any case, it's made me want to just talk about some things that I love... some silly, some serious - yet all things that make me smile!

1. My nephew baby A! I love that boy so much! Nothing makes me happier than seeing him at my door, or him seeing me at his door and having his eyes light up and a huge smile spreads across his chubby little face as he screams and runs to me with his arms stretched out waiting for me to snuggle him! Anytime I need a picker-upper I go to see baby A. He makes me so happy!

2. The Fall! Today has been my favorite day for a long time weather wise! I love the crisp cool air and I love seeing the colors changing on the mountains outside my front door! I also love wearing sweaters! I'm sure lots of you remember the hideous gray sweater I have clung on to for the past 4 years ... well, to Leslie's delight - I bought a new one! Yes... it's gray, but it's much cuter! :)

3. Candy! I know it's lame! Especially because I'm living the WW life right?! But - I can still have a piece or two occasionally. I have just discovered the essence of fall time in one little hershey kiss.... a Pumpkin Spice hershey kiss! Believe it! Can I just say that they are amazing! This flavor in general is one of my favorite fall things - Krispy Kreme makes these donuts that are awesome - only this time of year. As well as my all time favorite Kashi pumpkin spice flax granola bars! Tasty! If I drank coffee - I'd try the pumpkin spice latte at the local coffee shop. The flavor is great, it's so warm and fall tasting. So yes, you can find this flavor at the nearest Target! (Unless you live in O-town where they do not have them. I bought them while at Target on a lunch break)

4. My church calling. Call me dumb please... who knew eight 3 and 4 year olds could make me so happy! My Sunday's are only exciting because I never know what's going to happen in primary! But, on Sunday we practiced songs for the upcoming Primary program (admittedly my favorite sunday of the year) and my cute little sunbeams try so hard to sing all the words! This sunday we practiced a song that isn't in the regular primary hymn book but it's one of my favorites for sure! The only parts my class knows are the beginning "If the Savior stood beside me would I" and that's where it ends until the VERY end when they sing at the top of their lungs "Watching over me." Bless their hearts, it makes me tear up every time. Plus, who wouldn't feel loved when you have to sit in the same spot every week so some clients can hold your hand while others sit on your lap and others have to sit right next to you and then confess their undying love to you... it's precious! I love it!

5. MUSIC! Big surprise right?! But really I love any kind of music. I have a confession to make - this morning on my drive into work - I turned on Christmas Music! I know - it's not even October yet... but, the weater warranted it! I only listen to it on cold days - until about November 1st and then it's on until I'm done with it! Some of the greatest music written is Christmas Music - why do we only listen to it for 25 days??? I do love it!

I think this fall will be good for me! Let's hope right?!

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