Monday, January 26, 2009

All Things Wedding

I know you're going to be sick of all of the wedding planning stuff... and if you are - just wait until maybe... May and then it'll all be over :)

T and I met with the caterer last week and it was wonderful of course! When we talked on the phone I knew I would like her - she seemed so personable and fun, so I was really excited to meet with her. Apparently our wedding date is popular and she has had several calls from other people requesting our date - I asked her if we could meet with her first so we could hire her if we liked her. She was fine with that so off T and I went to Thanksgiving Point to meet with her. We underestimated our driving time and were there about half an hour early so we sat and chatted and watched people until she came. Boy is she a ball of energy! She was so nice and funny and I liked her immediately!

We talked to her about the location, the colors, the feel we were going for and then we talked about food. T and I decided we really like her (plus she offered to give me some cooking tips - and let's be honest I need all the help I can get and T knows it! He was smart to hire her just for that!) so we hired her! Yay! One more thing down! She sent us home with a box of treats to try so we could sample her food.... Oh man! T and I, along with my entire family, loved all of the tasty treats she gave us! If you're coming to the reception - the food will be delish!

We were scheduled for our Engagement pictures on Saturday but the weather was so yucky that we decided to postpone until this coming Saturday. Instead, we met with the girl who is doing our invitations (one of the nicest girls i've ever met! loved her!) and picked out everything the way we want it! Crazy! I'm so excited - T keeps assuring me that we're well ahead of the curve. All we have left is getting our pictures taking and a florist... Whew! Not much and we still have 47 days! Yay for our invites - I think they'll be cute!

I also had my dress fitting on Friday. I just needed two small alterations so it'll be done in two weeks! Yay! I'm so happy about that! I was worried we would be cutting it too close!

T and I have been talking about how lucky we are that things regarding the wedding are just falling into place so easily! Wow! We really are blessed to have things fall into place - with the rest of my life/schedule as crazy as it is, I don't know if I would have been able to survive otherwise! Plus, T is super involved and is so supportive and really helps keep me calm! Yet another reason I love him!

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reggstyl said...

I really like hearing your wedding plans--it is all so exciting! So happy for you and I'm glad that everything is working out so well!!