Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nearing the end...

Like many college students - I have been completely unable to focus since.... February 25th. That's a guess, but it's pretty accurate. Obviously part of the reason was because I was getting married mid-semester - but a good chunk was also because I am graduating! I can't wait!

I was surprisingly given an award this year! Who Knew?! I received a letter in the mail about a week after Travis and I got back from our Honeymoon and it said that I would be receiving the Belle S. Spafford Award for my dedication to improving the lives of women. Random right?! But I was so excited! It meant that Travis and I were able to attend a an awards banquet on Tuesday night. It was really nice! It was held in the new Goodwill building. Travis and I sat at a table with two of my teachers from last year, one of whom chose me to receive the award. We also sat with the woman who paid for my award - I got a wonderful plaque and a cash award - yay! :)

The evening was really nice. Travis and I chatted with everyone at our table, enjoyed the dinner, sat through the awards ceremony (short, sweet, and to the point - that's how I like it!) and after some pictures we went home. He kept telling me how proud of me he was... he's such a wonderful guy! My plaque sits in our bedroom until I have an office or somewhere else to put it. The most exciting part about this award is that I will now be on the Spafford Advisory Council which is made up of women in leadership roles from around the state. I am excited to make my debut at the Roundtable next week! Yay for awards!

And.... 2 weeks from today I graduate! I am so excited to finally get a Masters Degree.... Maybe I'll work towards a PhD - but we will see :)

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April and Rick said...

That's awesome Jen! Good for you... you should be very proud :)