Sunday, June 15, 2008

A quick year!

I can't sleep. It's about 12:30 and i'm usually LONG asleep. But this weekend has been hard on me emotionally.... And it's so stupid why!

This weekend happened to be the year mark of when D met the family. Now, normally this isn't a big deal because I've taken plenty of guys home to meet the fam. The funny part is that typically within 2 weeks of meeting the family we break up. So I know if I want to end things with someone all I have to do is take them home. What does that say about my family??? Another topic for another day. Anyway, so this weekend was the one year mark of that fateful activity - that turned out so great!

It wasn't hard to pass the day we met, or the first date, or the first kiss.... none of that. But the first time he met the family was a little rough on me, I'm not gonna lie. The thing is, I'm not really sure why. I mean, I haven't really thought about him since the final text - and I was really okay with it. But all day and all night Saturday that's all I could think about and it was pissing me off! It still is!

I had great plans to delete D from my friend list on facebook. You know, I deleted him from my phonebook right away so I couldn't be tempted to text him again. And I was going to take him off my friend list on facebook -but I hadn't been on it until earlier tonight... and I just couldn't do it. Maybe I need someone to do it for me!

I feel so lame! I'm not usually this stupid. Afterall, it's just a boy!!! Yes, it is a boy that I really liked and could see a future with... but it's never going to happen.... how do I move past that next step.... and is every year at the white trash carnival going to be this hard? What about the actual break up date? I don't think that will be hard. So what is it about meeting the family that makes it so hard????

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Stephanie said...

i met your family- and now you guys can't get rid of me! I LOVE the Doty's!