Friday, July 11, 2008

My New Love!!!

Yes - I'm happy to admit I have a new love... other than purses! It's Yoga! How weird is that?! I absolutely love doing yoga! Here's the deal... This summer my goal was to try some different activities that would help me get in some exercising but not completely bore me. So I signed up for and am trying a lot of things. Golf, Belly Dancing (no laughing), Tai Chi, Tennis, and Yoga. I signed up for Yoga 101 at a local studio (Flow Yoga - I HIGHLY recommend them!) and started three weeks ago. The first class was a killer - I'm not all that flexible or anything but I wanted to try every pose and I could actually do them all! So I decided to invest in my favorite part of a new sport or activity - buying all of the accessories that make it an attractive sport. So I got a cute mat and some cute yoga clothes and I was off to another class. This time I realized I needed either a better mat or a towel because I kept slipping in my downward dog. So, I bought a Yoga Towel.... it was quite the investment for me because who spends that much money on a towel?? Anyway - it was AMAZING! Definitely worth every penny! I was so proud of myself because I was kicking butt in the class! My downward dog doesn't slip anymore! All of my other poses are doing really well too and I'm proud of myself for taking on this new adventure! So my 101 class is done and I took a basic flow class last night. For those who think doing a bunch of hokey poses like downward dog, warrior, tree, and stuff like that - is not exercise??? I have news for you - I worked muscles I didn't know I had (maybe I don't and that's why they're a little sore) and boy was I sweating... Gross I know - anything that involves sweat is an immediate turn off for me - BUT - I LOVE YOGA! How did I not find this magical exercise sooner??? I did purchase my last accessory - a yoga bag - gotta love target right?! So after my unlimited pass expires I have to purchase another pass but it will definitely be worth it! I'm already feeling changes in my body! Plus, at the beginning of each class we set an intention for the class. During the 101 class the teacher would set one vocally so we could use hers or one we wanted. My last day of class the teacher set one of contentment and her mantra (so to speak) was "You are enough, You have enough & It is enough". That completely stuck with me! I can't get it out of my mind and I don't want to! I need to get that in vinyl for my bedroom and office walls! I think it's one of the best things I've gotten from yoga! Yay for yoga! If anyone wants to join me for a class - feel free! It's amazing - and for you pregos out there - they totally have prenatal yoga! Maybe one day I'll get to experience that class... until then It's all about the Flow!

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