Saturday, March 28, 2009

Since the Big Day...

It has been a while since i've blogged.... I was a little busy getting married!

Yup, I LOVE being married. The wedding was perfect, the reception was perfect.... everything about the entire day was perfect! My family was there, including a cousin and my grandma - my friends were there - his family and friends were there.... It was beautiful! If I had taken a year to plan it, it couldn't have been more beautiful or perfect! It was seriously amazing!

The honeymoon was great too! Obviously! We spent our wedding night at the Somewhere Inn Time. It was a cute place and the room was nice. The next day we went to St. George. We stayed at T's parents home, while they stayed at our house in SL to watch the dogs. They have a pool and hot tub in the backyard so we were set. We had a great time relaxing, swimming, relaxing, and swimming soem more :) On Monday we went to Vegas for the night. T got us tickets to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian on Monday night... Second Row... It was AMAZING! We had such a wonderful time! Our Hotel was pretty sweet too. We stayed at Trump Towers on the 42nd floor and had to ride the JET Powered elevator - we got to the 42nd floor in less than 30 seconds and my ears popped twice! It was a beautiful room! :) We enjoyed the show and the fun sights in Vegas - Bellagio Fountains were definitely my fave!

So far Married Life is Wonderful! T is so good to me! He has been super supportive and encouraging. Last night, I needed to finish a homework assignment so when I got home from a Prep Course, he went and got dinner for us while I did homework. He sat at the kitchen table, ate dinner and let me work on my homework. When I wanted to take a break and watch a movie - he encouraged me to finish my homework and then we could watch a movie. I finished my homework at 9 p.m., emailed it to my teacher - and we watched a movie. :) He even takes the dogs out first thing in the morning so I can hurry and shower - I usually stay in bed until the last possible moment. Poor boy has to deal with me! He has made me dinner every night this week - Okay, he reheated the leftovers that his mom left for us :) Same difference! :) He is wonderful and I am SOOOO happy!

I love T so much....

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April and Rick said...

Awesome, I am so glad that things are going great! Marriage keeps getting better and better if you can believe it. Sounds like you had fun in the warmth, I am jelous!!