Friday, August 14, 2009

A Whole Lot of Change

Well... It's official, I am 28 years old. Nothing too exciting although I'll miss 27. So many things changed for me while I was 27. I thought it would be nice to just make a list to see what changed for me...

* Started dating Travis - the love of my life
* Started a new practicum - Home Health and Hospice @ CNS
* Started my last year of Graduate School
* Received the Belle Spafford award
* Got engaged to Travis
* Got a new puppy - Lucy
* Married Travis
* Moved to West Valley to rent Travis' parents home
* Decided to buy a house
* Graduated from Grad School
* Bought a wonderful house in Taylorsville
* Moved into our home
* Bought our first lawn mower, kitchen table, etc. (let's just say it's been expensive)
* Put together my first Conference
* Finished my practicum at CNS
* Quit my job with the State
* Started a job with Support Coordination Services of Utah
* Was offered a job at Utah Valley University as an adjunct professor - I accepted of course!
* Paid my first mortgage payment
* Watched my little brother open his mission call to Bello Horizante Brazil
* Found out I'll be an Aunt... again
* Had our first major repair on our home - darn plumbing
* Started cooking with Travis - and found out that we are pretty good at it, and we like it!

And that is certainly plenty to keep us busy! It has been a very eventful year 27 has... Obviously 27 will be missed... but I'm sure 28 will be great! Some of the things to look forward to.....

* Teaching my first college class
* Sending Spencer on a mission
* 3 weeks later, welcoming Melissa home from her mission
* Getting a new nephew
* Decorating my house for the first Christmas

... I'm sure there will be others! But I'm not in a hurry to grow up - I've done plenty of that in the past year!

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Thank you for your comment about our news story. I am trying to get the word out, but it seems to be quite a chore...