Thursday, September 17, 2009


I won't even pretend to be sorry about not blogging. Many times I have started and then deleted because it was mean, or crabby, or sounded weird, or whatever. I figure now I should update the maybe one person that reads this blog - as to what we are up to.

Things haven't changed much - I still love being a Support Coordinator and working for a private company rather than the State is SO much better than I thought it would be. I wish I would have done it months ago! I would ideally like 5 or 6 more cases - but I am overall very happy with my job. I'm loving it big time!

I'm enjoying teaching a case management class at UVU this fall. I am having a hard time because I don't want the class to be boring but I feel like some of the basic information is pretty boring. I'm trying to make it fun and practical, but I don't feel like I'm doing as good of a job as I would have hoped. It will get better with time - I hope!

I LOVE the fall! Travis and I are hoping to head up the canyon soon with the top off his car so we can enjoy the crisp air and the fall colors! The fall makes me so happy! I have already changed some of the soap in our house to fall smells! LOVE IT!

Travis's job is going well, although he is probably going to go into the franchise sector of his company with his 2 business partners. They are looking at joining someone - there are so many things that I know he is thinking but isn't telling me because he doesn't want me to stress out. I stress out more than my fair share. He is completely honest with me - he just doesn't want his being stressed to make me even more stressed. He's so thoughtful that way! :)

Lucy got fixed a few weeks ago and she has healed nicely. Baxter has a date with his girlfriend Patsy and then he will be fixed as well. Other than that, we are all healthy and happy and doing very well!

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