Monday, January 4, 2010

Try a Little Harder

It's hard to believe it's a new year already! Wow! Time flies when you're having fun right?! I've already really recapped what has happened in 2009 for Travis and I - and I don't want to bore you but I'm going to list a few things here... for posterity's sake!

* We got Married!!!! March 14th - the best day of my life!
* In May Travis joined a Team at Ameriprise Financial - he has enjoyed work much more since!
* We bought a house!!!! June 10th we signed the papers to our cute home in Taylorsville!
* I Graduated with an MSW!!!! August 4th - it took FOREVER to finish but boy am I glad I did!
* I left the State in July and started with Support Coordination Services of Utah in August!
* Also, in August I started teaching at UVU
* November & December - we spent our first Holiday's as a married couple!

A lot has happened for us... hopefully 2010 will bring some more exciting things to our lives. Because it's the new year, it's time for more resolutions! I don't know how I feel about resolutions in general - but I think one goal will sum up everything I want to accomplish this year - my goal this year is to Try a Little Harder! I won't go into everything this encompasses because it would take forever and be insanely boring - but I figure if I try a little harder - things will continue to be amazing in our lives! Here's to 2010 and trying a little harder!

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