Friday, May 16, 2014

Mothers Day

This was my first Mothers Day and it was wonderful! My little guy gave me a card that had me in tears. Of course Travis picked it out, but it was the sweetest card I've ever received. 

There was a time I didn't think I would ever be a mother and so Mother's Day was always a day I celebrated my mom - I never thought I'd be the celebrated one.

It felt like any other day really - but it was also amazing to finally be able to celebrate that part of life. I spent the day in awe of my little man and how much I love him and how much he has change my life for the better. Someone mentioned to me yesterday that I looked and seemed so much happier now. I feel so much happier! How could I not?!

I'm so lucky to be a mom to the sweetest little boy alive.

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