Monday, November 19, 2007

Me and my Big mouth!!!!

I swear it's always getting me into trouble! I blame it on school! Let me back up - I had a heated texting conversation with D the other day. I asked how he felt about something he said fine but also said something that kind of annoyed me and when I asked about it further he said he felt like I was pressuring him... Me - pressuring him??? I don't get it! I'm not the pressuring type - I just need some stinking communication - is that so wrong? The problem is that I can't just get the feedback from him. I feel like I need to defend myself, and explain things - and find out why he feels pressured. The fact of the matter is - he feels pressured and I don't feel like i'm pressuring him... So I told him that I would leave it alone and if he wanted to talk he knew my number! I'm such a moron! Why did I do that? Who even knows! I wouldn't even be thinking about all this feeling and communication crap if I wasn't in school - and having to work on myself in order to learn how to work with people. It sucks! I don't want to be in touch with my feelings because then I want to know about other peoples feelings - and really - it's not my business how they feel. So when I find out - I get all butt hurt about it and then say something stupid! I always do that! So I felt horrible the entire night after saying that - I want to talk to him - I want to be friends with him... I shouldn't have said any of that! So I called to apologize and of course he didn't answer the phone - I can't say that I blame him - besides I was praying he wouldn't. It's easier to apologize over voicemail right?! WRONG! I need feedback - I've become obsessed with this feeling crap! I said I was sorry and that I asked for feedback and shouldn't have been rude when I got it. I apologized again and asked for forgiveness.... and I haven't heard anything else. Could I seriously have ruined everything because I can't keep my mouth shut? I guess time will tell....

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