Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Sac...

Ever since I sat on a love sac, I have wanted one. I guess that makes it sound like it has been years, and it has, maybe 3 years - but years none the less. They are so soft and fluffy and I figured it would be a great piece of furniture to plop in front of one of the tv's at T's house. We talked about them and how much fun it would be to cuddle on one while watching his never ending supply of DVD's. With that conversation I was sold and decided to buy one for T for Valentines Day - I'm such a selfless fiance ;)

So last Monday I did my research and on Tuesday I went into the Love Sac store at Fashion Place and had to be the easiest sell of the day! I told the guy behind the counter exactly what I wanted and bought a love sac. He asked me if I had ever put one together and I said no but it couldn't be that difficult. He gave me directions and put the sac in my car so I could take it home. Now, if you know me at all, or have read my blogs, you know how much I love giving gifts and I knew this one wouldn't wait until Valentines Day.... so that evening I told T that I had a surprise for him and that I would give it to him the following day - yes it was early I know.

The next day I got to T's house and had him help me get it out of the car because it was heavy as sin! We took it to the basement and began the process of turning a small shriveled square of foam into a large puffy love sac. By Saturday it was ready to be tested out - and we loved it! It's perfect for cuddling in and it's even nice for a nap :)

I don't know how we ever watched DVD's before the love sac... It is so much better than the couch! Plus with the blanket and new little pillows we got for it - it's an amazingly comfortable piece of furniture! Love the Love Sac!

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