Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Basic Info...

Nothing much has changed in our lives, except the fact that Travis is getting ready to become a business owner. He and his two business partners are starting their own franchise of Ameriprise - in essence they will be Privatizing their work. They will be able to work with their clients in ways that are better for the clients and won't have to worry about the red tape of being an employee and satisfying the boss. It's funny because this situation is very deja-vu for us. I mean, after we got married I was toying wtih the idea of becoming a private support coordinator and had so many questions and sleepless nights wondering if it would be good for us and if we would be able to make it. There are so many unknowns in changing jobs and going "private". I feel bad for Travis because I know he is feeling what I felt just 5 months ago. I am completely confident in his capabilities - and I know we will be just fine! It is a little stressful thinking that we will likely have to put our home up for collateral in order to get the business loan they need to "buy their books" - but I know that Travis will be so great at this! He is so smart, he is genuinely caring, he respects people, and he truly wants what is best for his clients! He is an amazing financial planner/advisor and has helped so many people - I know he will continue to do well! The unknown is just a little scary! So, if anyone needs a financial advisor - I happen to know a guy! :)

I am still working as a private support coordinator and I love it - I wish I had done it sooner! It is really a great job! I am also still teaching at UVU - this semester I'm teaching the Case Management class, but next semester I'm teaching two sections of Intro. to Social Work. That should be fun. It will cut down my commute time by once per week - so that's kind of nice. Isn't it funny that I lived down in Orem and commuted to Salt Lake for work - and now I live in Salt Lake and commute to Orem for some work... Funny how that happens. It is such a great opportunity for me and is really helping me decide if I want to get a PhD or not (as of now I'm thinking NOT)! My jobs are going well and I'm pretty happy. I still haven't taken my licensing exam yet - it's been a while - I haven't studied and I'm freaked out! I just need to buckle down and do it! Oye!

Otherwise, nothing much is going on. Still doing WW with a friend - I've lost 7 lbs. If she wasn't doing it with me I don't think I would be doing it. It's hard to be motivated on your own - especially this time of the year! I love candy and pumpkin everything so Halloween was hard. I love turkey and stuffing and gravy and every other food typically eaten at Thanksgiving - so that's going to be hard. I love peppermint and goodies so Christmas will be hard. Plus, I'm really enjoying cooking - so that's making it hard too! I just need more self control!!!! Ugh - it's a constant battle!

Oh, on the sibling front - Spencer is doing well and he is still in the Provo MTC until further notice! Melissa came home yesterday - she's still the same Melissa. Brian, Sarah, Austin and Baby Connor are doing well. Sarah is due soon, poor thing looks so tired and just ready to have the baby already! I can't wait to have another nephew - especially since Austin is so stinking cute - I'm sure Connor will be just as cute! Shayla - I love my little Shayla! She is such a good girl - I get to see her three times a week when I'm teaching at UVU so that's nice. I wish I could spend more time with her though - Sometimes I just need a little Shayla time! Maybe this weekend we will do something fun! Our dogs... they're just dogs! Lucy is as crazy as ever, and Baxter just hangs out, although lately he has been laying on the floor directly below me demanding to be under the blanket I use... it's kind of cute!

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