Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Best Two Years

Well, today we sent my littlest sibling - Spencer - to the MTC. Yup, He is off to serve a mission in Belo Horizante Brazil. It was a different experience sending him out than it was anyone else for several reasons!

1. Spencer is the first to go out of the country! Brian went to Nashville - I went to Tucson - Melissa is in Washington State - and Spencie is off to South America - CRAZY!

2. We found out last week that he would not be flying directly to the Brazil MTC because they were having visa problems... so instead of taking him to the airport - we send him to the Provo MTC until his visa comes through and then he will be shipped out to Brazil.

3. He is the youngest in the family! Yes, that means we're all old! Even Shayla who is only 40 minutes older than Spencer!

4. They don't do the feel good Called to Serve movie and inspiration thought by the MTC president and his wife. Now, you pull up to the curb, help your missionary get his luggage out of the car, give him a hug and off you go! It didn't feel like a natural departure to me! There was no lingering, there were no kleenex, there was no trying to see him walk down the sidewalk as you exit to your car... It was so weird!

and finally... I feel sort of parental feelings for Spencer. I was almost 9 when the twins were born and I spent a lot of time with them while they were growing up - and I remember it all like it happened yesterday! I remember Spencer being afraid of the Thunder and crawling into my bed with me late at night so he wouldn't be alone. I remember so many things about his life - and spent a lot of time babysitting him - that it makes me really sad!

I didn't cry at the MTC - I didn't cry until I had dropped off Chase at the house and I left to drive back to Salt Lake. He had better write me!

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Anonymous said...

Austin will sure miss his uncle Spencer!