Monday, March 17, 2008

Pretty Toes!

My little brothers band won 4th place at State Battle of the Bands on Saturday night. Good for them! They're so stinking cute - and talented of course! As official band scrapbooker - when I finally get the book together - I'll have to make 4 copies - one for each boy - cause I'm keeping the original of course! You can find them on myspace - their name is Cobet. Cute Cute boys - and not too shabby music wise! Check 'em out!

Ready for school to be done! That is how I feel today. But to make myself feel better - I've gotten a pedicure! It sure does make me feel better! I have pretty toes now. I love having pretty toes. There's something about a pedicure and a new hairdo that makes ya feel all confident and happy inside! Yay for me!

D texted me again today. Now, this is a confession I will make once and only once (for now at least). Still like the boy - a lot! As we chatted - I found out - the boy still likes me. Feelings about that? Happy - Nervous - Frustrated - Excited - and Really? Now what?! So - that's that.

Nothing too exciting for now - I'll write more later this week or next! Woot Woot!

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Melanie said...

Congrats! I'm excited to see the book you're making! Good luck in the last few weeks of school.