Monday, March 10, 2008

Tidbits - like Pineapple

I don't have much to say about one thing in particular - so I'll just blab about a couple of random things.

1. I saw a camel on the freeway on Thursday. NO JOKE! It was in a horse trailer. My first thought - Is that a camel? Second - Is that a camel in a horse trailer? Now, mind you it's not every day I see a camel - I know in Salt Lake City right?! But I wondered if the circus was in town or if it was going to the zoo but thought it would be a better publicized Camel trasporter - instead of a horse trailer. A camel... I know!

2. I hate Dutch Oven cooking! Yes, hate it! This is sad because I'll be the girls camp cook in June - but really! I don't like having unpredictible cooking times. I want to know when I can expect to eat, and I expect to eat at that time! I don't want the wind and weather to determine if I have to wait another half hour to eat! Seriously! Dutch oven cooking is stupid!

3. I am pretty sure I will be having a nervous breakdown at one of two times either April 24th, or May 3rd. Either would be good days for me. Day after the last day of class, or the day after my mom's graduation. Either would be fine I guess - I just don't have time before then - so let's put good Karma out for my nervous breakdown to wait until one of those two days!

4. I worked on Saturday. It wasn't very fun! However, I did find a new love! It's called Pandora! It's an MSN music thing. You type in an artist or song you like - and they create a huge playlist with similar types of music! LOVE IT! It's way better than the iTunes thing that tells you what else you might like based on what you have, because really, I like KORN, but that doesn't mean I want to listen to it all the time! This is a perfect "pick your music mood" station! Have I mentioned I love it?

5. I have spent way too much money in the past three weeks - on what you ask? On stuff. I spent $300.00 on a purse and wallet (COACH - be jealous). I spent almost $400.00 on scrapbooking stuff too. Why? I'm not really sure! I needed some retail therapy clearly - but I may have gone overboard! No more spending! Say it with me "I don't need to buy more stuff"

Well, I guess that's it for now. If anything else happens I'll let you know! But my life isn't very exciting... tidbits of info... that's all!

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