Friday, March 21, 2008

One Dope Ride

I have so much today and yet nothing to say at the same time. I bought a car today - a Honda Accord. I bought it from a good friend and it's super nice! Thanks for the car D. Yes, you read that right - I bought D's car. Random right?! It is - and to be honest, some people think it's weird. I don't though. I have been in it before - like it - it's a good car - plus I know D and how well he takes care of it! So I didn't have any reservations about buying it from him.

So I went and picked it up today and was about to have an anxiety attack - not because I was getting a loan to buy a car - but because I haven't seen him since we parted ways (September 11th to be exact). Actually, that's not 100% true - I saw him randomly at the mall sometime around christmas ish. We talked for 30 seconds maybe and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack! I still might! No - it was good I guess. I don't really know how to act around him so I was kind of rude - interesting how that always happens. I don't know what to do so I revert to what I do best - Bitchy! Anyway - It was a good transaction - and I was so nervous and had butterflies. Just seeing him makes me twitterpated again! It sucks! I mean, he likes me still he said - but that doesn't really mean anything right?! I shouldn't analyze it - I should just let it be right?! Right! I can't help it - when you learn to analyze crap that's what you do! I knew school would ruin me!!!!

In any case - I got a car... I'll listen to De La Vega when I pick it up - One Dope Ride.

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Melanie said...

Yeah for the new car! I'm excited to see it.