Monday, March 3, 2008

It doesn't make sense - I know!

So things are crazy and hectic and I kind of like it! I'm nearing spring break which means I haven't turned in many assignments and will hate myself because I'll have a TON to do over spring break- whatever! I still need to decide what to do this summer. Work only? Work and School? Quit everything? Okay that last one isn't really an option! Any suggestions can help!

This week I had my first Girls Camp Planning Meeting and guess what my big assignment is - guess - Yup - Camp Cook! Do they know who they're talking to? Seriously! I'm not a cook! I wonder how far Pizza Hut delivers?! Really it will be fun - I'm really excited about it! It's going to be a fun week - and I'm getting some dutch oven cooking lessons from a friend this weekend - should be a good time. In reality I think he's only doing it because he thinks I'll like him if I spend more time with him (he's said it before) but seriously- I just need the help and he knows what he's doing. What do you expect right?!

Randomly D texted me this morning - out of the blue right?! It was nice to chat but in all honesty I don't have any idea why he did. It's not like we're friends - I mean, friends spend time together right?! Apparently he forgot that part of the friend contract. The friend I haven't seen for a month- has now been longer. I want to hang out - I hate fighting - I don't feel like we're fighting though - I just feel like nothing is happening. I don't know what else to say. She apparently read my blog and said she didn't lie cause she worked til 5. Sorry my bad, I said 3 not 5. But the show started at 7... I don't even care - if you don't want to hang out then don't - I'm okay with that. I shouldn't be annoyed. I'm over it really.

Melissa and I went shopping this weekend $600.00 (that's only what I spent) later we came home! It was a fun day! I love spending time with Moosie - and we have to get it all in cause it won't happen for the next 18 months. It will be good for her to go on a mission - she'll love it! She got a bunch of mission clothes and I bought a bunch of stuff I don't need but want.... What is my problem!? I did need some retail therapy - who knew it would come in the form of a $300.00 purse and wallet?! Crazy I know - but i LOVE it! It was worth it! It's so pretty! Seriously! Will I buy another one like it? Not until the Fall maybe... we'll see! It's so nice!

Other than that - nothing exciting is happening really! I'm going on a cruise in June - so that will be fun! Gotta invite a friend to come so I can do fun stuff! Yay for vacations! Goodness knows I need one! Maybe I'll get another tattoo... I'm feeling a little wreckless today....

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Anonymous said...

umm hello!! ill go on that cruise with you! Duh!!!! ha ha ha ha! anyways how are you doin? i miss you doty!!! i really do!!! and good luck with the dutch oven thing....the only thing i like from there is potatos. but thats just me.... anyways..... i will talk to you later.