Wednesday, August 27, 2008

21 hours

Not that anyone is counting... but yes, just less than 21 hours until the beginning of the last year of grad school! Yay! Still no practicum - but that's another blog for another day!

I'm sitting at work wondering why I'm here! I'm exhausted because I only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night! For some reason I just couldn't sleep! Hopefully tonight I'll sleep well! I have to look alert for my first day of class right?! Ugh! I'm dreading it!

I think I'm just feeling overwhelmed right now! I need a vacation! I'm sick of work, I'm sick of thinking about my practicum - or lack thereof! I'm sick of boys! I'm sick of people annoying me! Plus, my throat hurts! I'm such a whiney baby! I am even missing lunch with friends because I don't feel good (or social for that matter). but mostly because I don't feel good and I don't want the little kids who are inevitably there - or the prego lady to get sick! Besides, M and I have seen each other enough this month... dang clients! :) Kidding M - you know i love seeing you! Maybe a vacation will brighten my mood and make me happy! Oh right - no time or money for a vacation! Maybe a new purse or sunglasses will do the same! Hmm.... I guess we'll see won't we!

On another note - my babies started school today! No, I don't have kids - my youngest siblings whom I practially raised started college today! Oh the sadness! It makes me feel old having the twins in college now! Imagine how it will be when Baby A goes to college! I'll have a nervous breakdown - but that's still another 17 years away! Luckily!

I think I'll get some paperwork done - go to a meeting - and then depending on my ambition level, work at home or back at the office! As long as I can get some rest tonight! Can't be late for my first day of school!

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Leslie said...

WENDOVER!!!! lol thats about all the vacation i can afford