Monday, August 18, 2008

Cha Cha Cha - Charmin!

Well, this weekend was fun I guess. I spent a lot of time with friends and family which is always how I like to spend my time. Shopping for a back to school box for my little Sis on a mission... PS - Wal-Mart has these hilarious Chuck Norris folders... I bought 7 for her! "Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water and make it drink." Why am I so amused by those? I'm pretty sure he's like 70! Anyway - I watched a movie with a friend, went on a Shamanic journey, and went on a "drive."

My friend B called this weekend and asked if I wanted to go on a drive - I said sure why not and got ready to go. Not exactly sure where we would be going but knowing it would be up a canyon, I decided to pack some snacks - this whole ww thing has increased my appetite so I eat more frequently. I brought water, goldfish crackers, and some twizzlers. Anyway, when I think of going on a drive, I think driving up to Heber - stopping at Grannys for shakes, and coming home. Apparently this is not what B had in mind. We went out Spanish Fork Canyon to this road called Skyline Drive where I was told we were taking the long way to Ephraim. (PS - who in their right mind wants to go to ephraim for fun???) So off we go - little did I know Skyline Drive, happens to be a dirt road on the top of some mountain ridge! So we were off roading in the truck. It started out fine - I didn't mind and the scenery was beautiful! But it was LONG! I don't really have that long of an attention span in the first place, let alone to drive hours on a dirt road! Anyway, it was bumpy and the next time we go on a "drive" i'll be wearing a sports bra over my regular bra - cause the ladies just didn't enjoy themselves!

The interesting part was that it's apparently Bow Hunt season... I saw hundreds of hunters with their cross bows and camo clothing... and a few with camo face paint - they're the real die hards! They all had their 4-wheelers and binoculars so they could find some poor unsuspecting deer to shoot - with a bow! If I were a deer I'd prefer a gun... more of a quick death - a bow? really?! Anyway, so that was interesting - the hunters were everywhere!

Meanwhile, I'm getting that familiar sensation that I'm going to have to pee pretty quick. We stop somewhere for B to pee and he asks if I need to go - I tell him no way and I'll wait til we make it down figuring surely we are close to the city! An hour later I can't wait anymore - I've gotta go! So, we find a small spot to pull over on - I wait for some 4-wheelers to pass and I hop out of the truck, tell B to move his side mirror so he can't see me and pee as quickly as possible right by the truck! Lucky for me, B carries charmin in his truck at all times - and I carry Purel... Score! Unlucky for me - I hate peeing outside! There is a reason toilets were put on this earth and I'm pretty sure it's so that girls don't have to squat and hold their pants at the same time so they don't pee all over themselves - OUTSIDE! Some poor hunter I'm sure caught an eye full with his binoculars! 'Oy!

It was a good thing I brought snacks because the drive ended up being 4 1/2 hours long! UGH! My butt hurt after the drive... it can only handle so much dirt road ya know?! But otherwise, it was a pretty nice drive - the scenery was great - the peeing, not so much! :)

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