Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good 'Ole Jack....

So TM and I went to see Jack Johnson on Monday. Initially I was really excited, until I realized that I'm an idiot and got lawn seats!!! I don't sit on the lawn! So we bought a blanket and off we went to enjoy some Jack Johnson!

We found a nice spot towards the back in the shade since it was about 6:30 and still pretty toasty. The concert started at 7 with two opening bands that I hadn't heard of and didn't really care for all that much - and Jack didn't even come on until 9 ish. By then I was kind of bored - okay really bored (I spent two hours talking with TM, watching people while playing at least T didn't wear that!, and playing blockbreaker on my phone)! TM was bored too - I'm pretty sure she took five hundred pictures of her eyeballs!

Jack finally came on stage - and what a downer! There was no crowd interaction, I couldn't see much cause I was too bored to stand (is that even really possible?), plus EVERYWHERE there were couples that were spooning, getting busy under blankets, and assuming the annoying we "love each other at concerts pose." If you don't know what this is let me describe it - He stands behind her with his pelvis jammed into her butt - with his arms wrapped around her while trying to inconspicuously grope her at the same time as they sway to the music.... blah! On top of that, there were lots of people smoking pot. So, TM and I left early! Yes, before intermission even! We left around 10 ish. I never leave a concert early - but it would have been more entertaining if I were listening to him on a CD... so we left. (TM said she would have considered staying if we could have at least gotten a good contact high - no such luck) What is this world coming to when you have to leave a concert early because you're so bored??? Oh well - could have been worse!

7 days until school starts... still no practicum! A bunch of kids on my caseload are freaking out - of course right before school starts..... Both - definitely worse than leaving a concert early!


Melanie said...

Yeah for kids freaking out!

April and Rick said...

It's dissapointing to hear that Jack sucks in concert... I like his cd's but it kinda ruins it that he's not good live. It will be great to see you soon!